Water Landmarks Award

Please contact Megan McDowell at mmcdowell@awwa.org if you would like to be a member of the Water Landmark Committee.

American/Canadian/Mexican Water Landmarks Award

Award Criteria


Purpose of the Award: To recognize and preserve an American, Canadian, or Mexican Water Landmark at least 50 years old that has had a direct and significant relationship with water supply, treatment, distribution, or technological development.

The Award:  An exquisite sculpture to be appropriately mounted on the water landmark, and a certificate of designation. The certificate and plaque title shall be specific to the country of recognition.

Frequency: As deserved.

Eligibility for Award:

  1. An American, Canadian, or Mexican Water Landmark must be a tangible, physical property that has or has had a direct and significant relationship with water's supply, treatment, distribution, or technological development. It should be of a permanent and nonexpendable nature, such as a building, dam, reservoir, tower, etc., and not machinery or a natural water resource.
  2. A water landmark must be at least 50 years old and be recognized within its own community or region as a popular, valued, or historically significant property. (Evidence of this recognition must be provided.)
  3. It must be apparent that the Landmark candidate has been and will continue to be maintained in a manner appropriate to the status of an American, Canadian, or Mexican Water Landmark. (A clear, current, original photo of the candidate should be provided to demonstrate its condition.) The Landmark may be utilized in a manner other than its original purpose.

Entry Requirements: Submit entry on Entry Form - AMERICAN/CANADIAN/MEXICAN WATER LANDMARK AWARD," along with other required materials, to the professional staff or secretary of the AWWA Section in which the landmark is located. (See paragraph 7 below.)

Provide written background about the proposed water landmark, plus photos, drawings, or plans that illustrate its worthiness. Generally, think what it might take to persuade you of its appropriateness.

Nomination Procedure: A proposed water landmark must be considered and approved by the AWWA Section in which it is located. The entry form and supporting material shall be submitted to the Section professional staff or secretary in the number of copies he or she specifies, for forwarding to the Section committee charged with determining whether or not the proposed landmark meets the eligibility requirements. The chair of the Section  review committee shall report its decision to the Section professional staff or secretary.

The Section professional staff or secretary shall advise the person submitting the entry of the decision. If the entry has been approved, the Section professional staff or secretary shall so certify to and instruct the submitter to send the entry form, Section certification, photo(s) of the proposed water landmark, and each item of supporting material to: Communications Dept., Water Landmarks Committee, AWWA, 6666 W. Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235. Phone (303) 794-7711.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: November 1.

Award Committee Membership: The committee shall consist of a chair and seven other members appointed by the chair of the Public Affairs Council, subject to Council approval.  The chair serves one three-year term and members may serve two three-year terms. The chair votes only in case of a tie. An Association staff member shall serve as advisor to the committee.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The advisor of the AWWA Water Landmarks Committee shall check the entry material for conformance with requirements and, if satisfactory, shall forward the material to members of the AWWA Water Landmarks Committee together with a ballot form. A simple majority of the committee must approve a nomination. Committee members shall respond with their vote and will be asked to return original photographs to the secretary.

After committee approval, the nomination shall be forwarded to the AWWA Executive Committee and Board of Directors for its approval.

A negative vote will be reviewed by the staff advisor and, if necessary, will be circulated, along with stated reasons, to members of the AWWA Water Landmarks Committee for final resolution.

Presentation of the Award:

  1. Announcement of approved American, Canadian, and Mexican Water Landmarks is made in AWWA publications and at the next American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.
  2. A certificate of designation is mailed through the Section chair to the individual who originally submitted entry material.
  3. A sturdy bronze plaque is mailed to the professional staff or secretary of the sponsoring AWWA Section, who will have it appropriately engraved after consulting with the person submitting the nomination.
  4. The originator (and Section) should arrange suitable ceremonies at the site of the landmark to affix, unveil, or otherwise publicly recognize the honor at an appropriate time; i.e., an open house, dedication, Drinking Water Week event (first full week in May annually), or other occasion.

Designated Landmarks



  • City of Boca Raton Glades Road Water Treatment Plant, Florida Section
  • City of Fort Lauderdale NW 2nd Avenue Water Tower, Florida Section


  • City of Guelph Waterworks Engine House/Pumping Station, Ontario Section
  • Hamilton's First Waterworks, Ontario Section
  • Hialeah Water Treatment Plant, Florida Section
  • Kermit H. Lewin Seawater Desalination Water Treatment Plant, Florida Section
  • The Englewood Water District Lime Softening Plant, Florida Section
  • University of Central Florida -  Elevated Water Storage Tower, Florida Section


  • City of Saskatoon Water Treatment Plant, Western Canada Section of AWWA
  • Florissant Tank, Missouri Section
  • Réservoir McTavish, Quebec Section


  • Jackson Water Plant Tower, Missouri Section


  • City of Troy Standpipe, Alabama/Mississippi Section
  • Dania Beach Water Treatment Plant, Florida Section
  • Myakkahatchee Creek Water Treatment Plant, Florida Section
  • Mt. Airy Tanks, Ohio Section



  • Antigua Acueducto de Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Section
  • Linnwood Water Treatment Plant, Wisconsin Section
  • The Delaware Aqueduct, New York Section


  • Manatee County Dam, Bradenton, Florida
  • Bay County Water Treatment Plant, Panama City, Florida
  • Altoona Reservoir System, Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant, Ann Arbor, Michigan


  • Sheahan Pumping Station, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Court Street Pumping Station, Montgomery, Alabama
  • The Old Well - Water Well #3, Bristow, Oklahoma
  • Destin Water Users Tower 1, Destin, Florida
  • City of Dunedin Well 1, Dunedin, Florida


  • High Point City Lake Dam aka Arnold J. Koonce, Jr., City Lake Dam, Jamestown, North Carolina


  • John F. Dye Water Conditioning Plant, Lansing, Michigan


  • Pedlar River Dam and Gravity Pipeline, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto, Ontario
  • Market Street Pump Station, San Antonio, Texas
  • North Holly Water Treatment Plant, Fort Worth, Texas


  • Riverside Water Treatment Plant, Waco, Texas
  • Waterworks Museum, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Butts Hill Small Water Storage Tank Portsmouth, Rhode Island
  • Old Pump House, Town of Parry Sound, Ontario



  • Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Nevada
  • Payson Park Reservoir & Gatehouse, Belmont, Massachusetts


  • Water Tower, Caruthersville, Missouri


  • City of Riverside Upper Canal, Riverside, California
  • Marston Water Tower, Ames, Iowa


  • Crystal Spring Steam Pumping Station, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Mount Clemens Water Filtration Plant, Mount Clemens, Michigan


  • Main Office-San Jose Water Co., San Jose, California


  • Sunset Heights Pumping Station, El Paso, Texas
  • Fort Revere Water Tower, Hull, Massachusetts
  • Gainer Dam, Scituate, Rhode Island


  • Alvarado Water Treatment Plant, La Mesa, California


  • Spring Road Waterworks Bldg., Huntington, New York
  • North Pumping Station, South Bend, Indiana


  • Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory, IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower, Collinsville, Illinois
  • Cedartown Water Plant, Cedartown, Georgia



  • Industrial & Domestic Water Treatment Plant, Savannah, Georgia
  • Col. Francis G. Ward Complex,  Buffalo, New York
  • Sunrise Reservoir, Portsmouth, Ohio


  • Grants Pass Water Filtration Plant, Grants Pass, Oregon


  • Marine Dam, Waimea, Hawaii
  • Old Holly Pump Station, Rochester, New York


  • Salisbury Water Tank, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Sault Ste. Marie Water Storage Tank, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
  • City of Chester Cistern, Chester, South Carolina


  • Upriver Well #1, Spokane, Washington
  • Volunteer Park Standpipe, Seattle, Washington
  • Beretania Pumping Station, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jersey City Dam and Gatehouses, Jersey City, New Jersey


  • Grosse Pointe Farms Water Treatment Plant, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
  • Halawa Shaft, Halawa Valley,
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • 1926 Pumping Station, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Fort Thomas Treatment Plant, Fort Thomas, Kentucky
  • Albany Water Treatment Plant, Albany, Oregon


  • North Main Tank Bldg.,  Independence, Missouri
  • Delphos Standpipe, Delphos, Ohio
  • Brighton Dam, Brighton, Missouri
  • Mark B. Whitaker Water Treatment Plant, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Jordan & Salt Lake Canal, Salt Lake County, Utah
  • River Pumping Station, Cincinnati, Ohio


  • Fulbright Water Treatment Plant, Springfield, Missouri
  • The Big Dam, Loveland, Colorado
  • O'Shaugnhnessy Dam, Columbus, Ohio
  • Albany Water Works, Albany, Georgia
  • Marine City Water Works, Marine City, Michigan


  • Illinois-American Water Co. Main Station, Cairo, Illinois
  • Baldwin Filtration Plant, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Alpena Water Treatment Plant, Alpena, Michigan
  • Lake Superior Waterworks, Swedetown Standpipe, 
  • Calument, Michigan
  • Mill Creek Water Treatment Plant, Dalton, Georgia
  • White Rock Pump Station, Dallas, Texas
  • Macon Water Treatment Plant, Macon, Georgia
  • Colorado River Aqueduct, Southern California
  • Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Calgary, Alberta


  • Newport Pumping Station, Newport, Kentucky
  • Lafayette Street Standpipe, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Kingsport Water Filtration Plant, Kingsport, Tennessee
  • Holston River Water Pumping Station, Kingsport, Tennessee
  • Vest Station, Charlotte, North Caroloina



  • Ashland Water Treatment Plant,  Ashland, Nebraska
  • Jefferson Water & Electric
  • Commission Wellhouse #2, Jefferson, Wisconsin
  • High Service Pumping Station, 
  • Virginia-American Water Company, 
  • Hopewell, Virginia
  • Columbus Water Treatment Plant, Columbus, Georgia
  • Boniface Water Tower, Village of Scarsdale, New York
  • Citico Pump Station, Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Indiana-American Water Company, Seymour District's Low Service Hydraulic Turbine Pumping Facility, Seymour, Indiana
  • Madison County Stand Pipe Water Tank, Madison, Florida


  • Cobbs Hill Reservoir, Rochester, New York
  • Alexandria District Reservoir,  Alexandria, Virginia
  • MinneLusa Pumping Station, Omaha, Nebraska
  • J.H. Fewell Water Treatment Plant, Jackson, Mississippi
  • Alexandria District Operations Center, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Capitol City Water Tower, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Snow Pumping Station, Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Illinois-American Water Co. Main Station, Alton, Illinois
  • Water Works Park Treatment Plant, 
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • North Easton Water Works Pumping Plant, North Easton, Massachusetts


  • R.B Simms Filtration Plant & Dam, Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Jacksonville Water Works Park, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Omohundro Water Treatment Plant, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Canal Winchester Water Treatment Plant, Canal Winchester, Ohio
  • Illinois-American Water Company's Main Station, East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant, Sacramento, California
  • Indian Hill Water Tower, Indian Hill, Ohio
  • Oak Street Standpipe, Huntington, Indiana


  • 30th Street Pump Station, Galveston, Texas
  • Frankfort Electric & Water Plant's Reservoir, Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Remington Water Tower, Remington, Indiana
  • Stoughton Pump Station, Stoughton, Massachusetts
  • 24th Street Pump Station,  Huntington, West Virginia
  • North Street Pumping Station, Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • Blendville Pumping Station, Joplin, Missouri


  • Winnipeg Aqueduct, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Robert E. Green Auditorium, Vincennes, Indiana
  • Monroe Water Filtration Plant, Monroe, Michigan
  • No. 1 Water Treatment Complex, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Ada Treatment Plant, Bluefield, West Virginia
  • Snow & Gaskill Pump House, St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Three Rivers Filtration Plant, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Bluffton Water Works, Washington Street Station, Bluffton, Indiana
  • Barton Dam & Impoundment, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Walnut Street Standpipe, Wabash, Indiana
  • Boulware Springs Waterworks, Gainesville, Florida
  • Little Quitticas Pump Station, New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Two Mile Dam & Reservoir, Santa Fe, New Mexico


  • Bartow Water Tank, Bartow, Florida
  • McMillan Water Treatment Plant, Washington, D.C.
  • Bird's Mill Pumping Station, Bracebridge, Ontario
  • Fredericton Water Treatment, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • George's Pond Reservoir, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Dam & Reservoir #4, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Third Street Pump Station, Stillwater, Minnesota


  • Petrolia Water Works, Brights Grove, Ontario
  • Water St. Pumphouse & Dam, Petersborough, Ontario
  • Branch Street Pump Station, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Highfield Pump Station, Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Robbie Street Reservoir, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Hillsborough River Water Treatment Plant,Tampa, Florida
  • Island Filtration Plant, Toronto, Ontario
  • Long Island Water Corp. Main Plant #5, Hewlett, New York


  • Lily Lake Reservoir, Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Danville Standpipe, Danville, Indiana
  • St. Marys Water Tower, St. Marys, Ontario
  • McNeil Street Pumping Station, Shreveport, Louisiana
  • The Pumphouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Havana Water Tower, Havana, Illinois


  • Rosehill Reservoir, Toronto, Ontario
  • Highland Park Tower, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Burlington City Reservoir & Pump House, Burlington, Vermont
  • Plaza Well, St. Augustine, Florida
  • Walnut Hill Reservoir, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Echo Bridge,Newton, Massachusetts
  • Turtle Creek Pump Station, Dallas, Texas
  • Fleet Street Pumping Station, Ottawa, Canada
  • John Street Pumping Station, Toronto, Ontario
  • Smithsburg Reservoir, Washington County, Maryland
  • Kalihi Pumping Station, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Main Station Pump House #1, Peoria, Illinois
  • Lewiston Water Treatment Plant, Lewiston, Idaho
  • Mountain Dell Dam, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Great Sandy Bottom Pump Station, Pembroke, Massachusetts
  • Lithia Water Fountain, Ashland, Oregon
  • Port Arthur Water Treatment Plant, Port Arthur, Texas


  • Mission Creek Dam & Reservoir,Santa Barbara, California
  • Lake Whitney Dam, Hamden, Connecticut
  • No. 2 Water Pumping Station Calgary, Alberta
  • Monroe Filtration Plant, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Chain of Rocks Plant-Intakes 1 & 2, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Flint Lake Water Treatment Plant, Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Bangor Standpipe on Thomas Hill, Bangor, Maine



  • Roger Williams Spring, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Ella Street Pumping Station, Tiffin, Ohio
  • No. 1 Pumping Station, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Tower Hill Water Tower, Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Kassler Water Treatment Plant, Denver, Colorado
  • Coquitlam Lake Intake Tower, Vancouver, Brithish Columbia


  • Sunset Hill Water Tower, Ossining, New York
  • Augusta Water Works Pumping Station, Augusta, Georgia
  • Manchester Low Service Pumping Station, Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Grand Avenue Water Tower, St. Louis, Missouri


  • Woodland Reservoir, Syracuse, New York
  • Malpeque Road Water Pump Station, Charlottetown, PEI
  • Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Acequias of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas
  • Huntsville Big Spring, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Moores Bridges Filter Bldg., Norfolk, Virginia
  • Cahaba Pumping Station, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Bissel Street Water Tower, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Grassy Sprain Reservoir & Tuckahoe Road Pump Station, Yonkers, New York


  • Virginia & Gold Hill Water Co., Marlette Lake Water System, Virginia City, Nevada
  • Walter E. Peele Dixie Water Plant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Coldwater Spring, Anniston, Alabama
  • Tomhannock Reservoir & Dam, Troy, New York
  • Kalamazoo Water Tower, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Old Mission San Buenaventura Filtration Building, Ventura, California
  • Big Bear Lake Dams, San Bernadino, California
  • Compton Hill Tower, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County, New York
  • No. 1 Pumping Station, Veradale, Washington


  • Bremen Water Tower, Bremen, Indiana
  • Slow Sand Filter Beds, Ilion, New York
  • Waldo Water Tower, Kansas City, Missouri


  • Georgetown Reservoir Castle Gatehouse, Washington, DC
  • Jones Beach State Park Water Tower, Jones Beach, New York
  • Chabot Dam and Lake Chabot, San Leandro, California
  • Ypsilanti Water Tower, Ypsilanti, Michigan


  • Water Supply & Sewerage Systems, Dawson, Yukon Territory
  • Kingston Water Dept. Filter Plant, New York
  • The Big Well, Greensburg, Kansas
  • Lawson Tower, Scituate, Massachusetts


  • Big Hole Pump Station Pump No. 2, Butte, Montana
  • Fresno Water Tower, Fresno, California
  • Cabin John Bridge, Cabin John, Maryland
  • Druid Lake Dam, Baltimore, Maryland


  • Bethlehem 1769 Waterworks, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Eighth Avenue South Reservoir, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Indiana Central Canal, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Eden Park Water Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Filtration Plant, Elmira, New York


  • Aqueduct Cascades, Los Angeles, California
  • Standpipe Water Tower, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Gary-Hobart Water Tower, Gary, Indiana
  • Water Tower, Riverside, Illinois


  • Chicago Water Tower, Chicago, Illinois
  • North Point Water Tower, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Old Mission Dam and Flume, San Diego, California
  • High Bridge Water Tower, New York, New York