Water Industry Hall of Fame

Water Industry Hall of Fame

2023 Recipients

Charlie Maddox

Charlie Maddox
Austin Water Utility
Texas Section

John Gaston

John Gaston

Award Criteria


To perpetuate the memory of those living and deceased who have made the most significant contributions to the field of public water supply.

Purpose of the Award: The Water Industry Hall of Fame was established in 1970 to perpetuate the memory of those living and deceased who have made the most significant contributions to the field of public water supply. The names of the members of the Hall of Fame are engraved on a bronze plaque at AWWA headquarters, and a plaque signifying membership is presented for mounting. If deceased, the plaque is presented to the institution or organization with whom the member is identified.

The Award: An exquisite sculpture that embodies the essence of accomplishment and serve as a testament to the recipient's dedication and contributions. Each Water Industry Hall of Fame award is accompanied by a personalized inscribed nameplate to honor and preserve the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Frequency of the Award: As deserved.

Eligibility for the Award: To be eligible for the award, a candidate should be substantially retired, with achievements, character, and professionalism well established, be beyond the age of 60, and have been an AWWA member for 15 years. The candidate's influence upon the water supply profession must still be felt in the practices, inventions, or literature for which he/she was responsible. Contributions to the water supply profession may have been in any of the many facets of disciplines of the field as long as they are significant and have stood the test of time.

Entry Requirements: Submit full name, appropriate address, complete biographical information, a color photo, and dates of birth, retirement, and death if deceased.

Nomination Procedure: Nominations may be made at any time by any member, committee, division, section, or council of AWWA. To be considered for election in the following year, however, nominations must be received by October 1. Nominations must be accompanied by:

  1. an entry form provided by AWWA.
  2. a brief statement (250-500 words) summarizing the nominee's achievements of enduring nature in the water field.
  3. a list of biographical details covering the nominee's education, experience, professional activities, and a bibliography of his/her contributions to the literature.

Nominations should be forwarded to American Water Works Association, Attn: Executive Dept., 6666 W. Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235.

Nomination of Submission Deadline: Nominations must be received by November 1 to be assured of receiving full consideration.

Award Committee Membership: The committee shall consist of the last five (5) Past Presidents with the most recent Past President serving as chair.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: Upon receipt of their copies of the nominations, each member of the Hall of Fame Committee shall use their best judgment in selecting a candidate using materials and information submitted with the entry form. If necessary, the committee may solicit additional information, however, such information must be in tangible form.

The nominees recommended by the Water Industry Hall of Fame Committee are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting.

A maximum of two selections may be conferred each year.

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition or at another appropriate event.

If the awardee is deceased or unable to attend the Annual Conference and Exposition, then the actual presentation of the award will be at an appropriate ceremony.

Past Recipients


Chet Auckly
Michael Leonard

Andrew William Richardson, Arizona Section

Charlie Anderson, Texas Section

Katie McCain, Texas Section
Kerwin Rakness (deceased), Rocky Mountain Section

Carole Baker, Texas Section
R. Lee Roberts, Pennsylvania Section

George Fenkell, Michigan Section<
Robert T. Sasman, Illinois Section

Jerome B. Gilbert, California-Nevada Section
John F. Kubala, P.E., Texas Section

Merril Bingham, Intermountain Section
Kay Kutchins, Texas Section

Karl Kohlhoff, Arizona Section
T. Duncan Ellison, Ontario Section

No Award Presented

LeRoy Hooton, Jr., Intermountain Section
Robert Marini, NEWWA, A Section of AWWA

Jack Mannion (deceased), Rocky Mountain Section
William T. “Doc” Ballard (deceased), Texas

Perry McCarty, California-Nevada Section
Charles W. Wilson, Intermountain Section

Susumu Kawamura ,California-Nevada Section
Ernest C. Knoy, Indiana Section

Frederick H. Elwell, Florida Section
Stephen L. Bishop, NEWWA, A Section of AWWA

Linden Burzell, California-Nevada Section
Leon Albert Smith, Wisconsin Section

Louis Mirando, New York Section
Michael O'Shaughnessy, California-Nevada Section

Gordon R. Finch, Western Canada Section
William O. Lynch, New York Section

George Fassnacht, Indiana Section
Donald K. Shine, Michigan Section

Robert B. Hilbert, Intermountain Section
Harold E. Snider, Missouri Section

Richard Miller, Ohio Section
Edward H. Ford, Indiana Section

J. Edward Singley, Florida Section 
James M. Caird, New York Section

George H. Buck,  Florida Section
William H. Richardson, Illinois Section

Garrett Sloan, Florida Section
Curtis H. Stanton, Florida Section

Norman E. Murrell, New York Section
John H. Robinson, Kansas Section

Louis Ayres, Michigan Section
Steven Bonk OWWA, A Section of AWWA

William J. Greene Jr., Georgia Section
Eric F. Johnson, Rocky Mountain Section

Archie E. Becher Jr., Wisconsin Section
John A. Roller, Pacific Northwest Section

Theodore A. Leisen, Nebraska Section
Kenneth E. Shull, Pennsylvania Section

Henry J. Graeser Jr., Texas Section
Leonard Metcalf, NEWWA,  An AWWA Section

F. A. Eidsness, Florida Section
Charles V. Roberts, Pennsylvania Section

Albert E. Berry, OWWA, An AWWA Section
Alvin P. Black, Florida Section

Holly A. Cornell, Pacific Northwest Section
Joseph C. Lawler, NEWWA, An AWWA Section

Samuel S. Baxter, Pennsylvania Section
George E. Symons, New York Section

Charles R. Cox, New York Section
Herbert E. Hudson, Illinois Section

Louis R. Howson, Illinois Section
Thurston E. Larson, Illinois Section

Wilfred F. Langelier, California-Nevada Section
Abel Wolman, Chesapeake Section

Fred Merryfield, Pacific Northwest Section
Clifford H. Fore, Illinois Section

Morrison B. Cunningham, Southwest Section
Robert S. Weston, New England Section

Arthur M. Buswell, Illinois Section
Gardner S. Williams, Michigan Section

Hardy Cross, Illinois Section
N. T. Veatch, Missouri Section

Harold E. Babbit, Illinois Section
James J. Doland, Illinois Section
Nicholas S. Hill Jr., Pennsylvania Section
John H. Murdoch Jr., Pennsylvania Section
William J. Orchard, New Jersey Section

C. T. Butterfield, Ohio Section
Victor M. Ehlers, Texas Section
Rudolph Hering, Pennsylvania Section
Daniel D. Jackson, New York Section
George R. Spalding, New Jersey Section

Malcolm Pirnie, New York Section
Marsden C. Smith, Virginia Section
W. Victor Weir, Missouri Section
Thomas R. Camp, New England Section
William Mulholland, California-Nevada Section

Charles H. Spaulding, Illinois Section
John W. Alvord, Illinois Section
Linn H. Enslow, New York Section
Attmore E. Griffin, New Jersey Section
John W. Hyatt, New Jersey Section

William W. Brush, New York Section
John F. Dye, Michigan Section
Gordon M. Fair, New England Section
James H. Fuertes, New York Section
William P. Mason, New York Section

George G. Earl, Southwest Section
Charles P. Hoover, Ohio Section
Harry E. Jordan, Indiana Section
Samuel B. Morris, California-Nevada Section
Charles F. Wallace, New Jersey Section

Moses N. Baker, New York Section
Edward S. Cole, New York Section
James E. Gibson, Southeast Section
Omar H. Jewell, Illinois Section
John L. Leal, New Jersey Section

John M. Diven, New York Section
Norman J. Howard, Ontario Section
Alexander Houston,
William C. Stripe, Iowa Section
George C. Whipple, New England Section

No Award Presented

Edward Bartow, Iowa Section
John R. Baylis, Illinois Section
George Warren Fuller, New Jersey Section
Allen Hazen, New York Section
Clemens Herschel, New England Section