Membrane Treatment Best Paper Award

Membrane Treatment Best Paper Award

2023 Recipients

"Summer odors to winter blooms: Treatment validation in the lower River Murray” and “Assessment of cyanobacteria and their taste and odorous metabolites in the lower River Murray: 2000–2022” by Florence Choo, Emma Sawade, David Cook.

Both papers were awarded as a series on the on identification and treatment of Cyanobacteria in the River Murray Basin.

Award Criteria

Purpose of the Award:  To recognize and honor annually the author(s) of an outstanding advanced treatment of water paper published in the AWWA Water Science from January through December of the previous year.

The Award:  An exquisite sculpture that embodies the essence of accomplishment and serve as a testament to the recipient's dedication and contributions. Each Membrane Treatment award is accompanied by a personalized inscribed nameplate to honor and preserve the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Frequency of the Award:  Annually

Eligibility for the Award:  At least one author must be a member of AWWA at the time of publication.  The paper must be peer reviewed and make a notable and outstanding contribution to the water profession.

Entry Requirements: All peer reviewed advanced treatment papers published in the AWWA Water Science during the established time frame with at least one author who is an AWWA member at the time of publication are eligible.

Nomination Procedures:  Because all papers meeting the eligibility requirements are considered for the award, there is no entry form needed.

Nominating or submission deadline: November 1st

Membrane Award Committee Membership: Chairs of the AWWA Membrane Processes, Membrane Technology Research, and Water Desalting Committees along with the Director of Engineering & Technical Services.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The Membrane Award Committee shall consist of the chairs of the Membrane Processes, Membrane Technology Research, and Water Desalting Committees and shall select a recipient from the list of potential candidates and submit the name of the selected paper to the Executive Director for the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting.  Papers will be evaluated on the basis of the impact on water and public health benefits for both research and applications; timeliness of the contribution; and professional and editorial quality of the paper.  An entry form will be utilized to submit nominations.

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the awards session during the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition.