Dr. John L. Leal Award

Dr. John L. Leal Award

Kip Duchon

2023 Recipient

Kip Duchon

Award Criteria


Purpose of the Award: The Dr. John L. Leal Award is presented annually for distinguished service to the water profession in commemoration of the sound medical/public health expertise and the courageous leadership advancing public health that characterized the life of Dr. John L. Leal.

The Award: An exquisite sculpture that embodies the essence of accomplishment and serve as a testament to the recipient's dedication and contributions. Each Dr. John L Leal award is accompanied by a personalized inscribed nameplate to honor and preserve the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Frequency of the Award: Annually, but no award should be given if the committee determines that nominees are not deserving.

Eligibility for Award: Any individual, group, or organization that has made a notable and outstanding public health contribution to the water profession

Entry Requirements: Submit full name and address and a summary of the nominee's contribution to the water profession on the entry form provided.

Nomination Procedure: A nomination for the award may be submitted by a Section, a Council, or an individual Board member to the Executive Director, who will transmit it to the AWWA Award Committee for consideration. Nominees may remain under consideration for up to three years. Sections will be notified if their nominee has not been selected within that time. If the candidate is not re-nominated, his/her name will be dropped from the list. A candidate may be re-nominated.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: November 1st.

Award Committee Membership: The award committee shall consist of the Immediate Past-President as committee chair, the chairs of the six councils, chairs of the Water Quality and Technology and Water Science and Research Divisions, and the last two recipients of the award

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The Award Committee shall review the nominees, confer and determine one recipient per year via conference call, and submit the name of the selected person to the Executive Director for submittal to the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting.

Presentation of the Award:The award will be presented at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) during the Opening General Session. The award winner will also be recognized in the AWWA ACE display board area.

Past Recipients


Dr. Charlotte D. Smith

Charles Maddox, Texas Section

Yvonne Forrest, Texas Section

Dr. Desmond Lawler, Texas Section

Daniel Oerther, Missouri Section

Dr. Charles N. Haas, Drexel University

City of Grand Rapids Water System
Michigan Section

Dr. Mark Allen Borchardt
Wisconsin Section

Michael McGuire
California/Nevada Section