Austin F. McCormack, Jr. Award

Austin F. McCormack, Jr. Award

david Warsinger

2024 Recipient

David M. Warsinger


In October, 2014 American Water Works (AWWA) Life Member and American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) Pioneer, Austin F. McCormack, Jr. passed away at the age of 90. Mr. McCormack had a long and illustrious career in the water industry, and became a member of AWWA in 1946. 

In 1947 Mr. McCormack implemented a unique method to remove microscopic particles from industrial process water, a method that eventually was widely-used across the semiconductor industry. 

In 1964 he wrote an article for Journal AWWA entitled “Production of High-Resistivity Water at Texas Instruments” which gave a prescient view of the future needs of the information age in regards to water purity. 

His company, McCormack Corporation, became one of the leading suppliers of ultrapure water systems. A former employee remembers Mr. McCormack as a mentor who was “always thinking about solving another water treatment challenge, or how to do something better, or more efficiently.”

To honor Mr. McCormack’s dedication and numerous contributions to the water industry, the AWWA Membrane Young Professional of the Year Award has been changed to the AWWA Austin F. McCormack, Jr. Award to honor young professionals.

Award Criteria

AWWA Austin F. McCormack, Jr. Award
Purpose of the Award: To recognize and honor membrane related contributions made by a young professional to the water or public health community.

The Award: An exquisite sculpture that embodies the essence of accomplishment and serve as a testament to the recipient's dedication and contributions. Each Austin F McCormack, Jr award is accompanied by a personalized inscribed nameplate to honor and preserve the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Frequency of the Award: Annually

Eligibility for the Award: A member in good standing and young professional (35 or younger) that made notable and outstanding contribution in water reliability, water quality, new directions in water treatment technologies, or membrane applications.

Entry Requirements: Submit full name and address and a summary of the young professional nominee’s contribution to the membrane area of the water profession on the entry form provided.

Nomination Procedures: A nomination for the award may be submitted by a member to the Chief Executive Officer, who will transmit it to the AWWA Membrane Award Committee for consideration.

Nomination or Submission Deadline: November 1st

Award Committee Membership: This Committee shall consist of the Technical & Education Council Chair, the Young Professional’s Committee Chair, the Manufacturers/Associate Council Chair, and the Director of the Engineering & Technical Services Department.

Method of Selecting Award Recipient: The Austin F. McCormack, Jr. Award Committee shall select a recipient from the list of potential candidates and submit the name of the selected person to the Chief Executive Officer for the Board of Directors for approval at its winter meeting. Young professional candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the impact on water and public health benefits for both research and applications; timeliness of the contribution; and professional contributions.

Presentation of the Award: The award will be presented at the awards session during the AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition.

Past Recipients

Rodrigo A. Tackaert

Dr. Gil Hurwitz

Hooman Vatankhah

No award given

Judith Winglee

Chelsea Francis