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Self-Paced Courses

EL252    Water Compliance and Enforcement
EL285    NEW! Corrosion Control Theory & Treatment Options
EL297    NEW! Drought Preparedness and Response: Developing a Water Shortage Plan
EL270    NEW! Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Service Leaders - Multiple Courses
EL260    Free Course: Facilitating Compliance with America's Water Infrastructure Act
EL261    Security Practices for Operations and Management
EL262    Risk and Resilience of Water and Wastewater Systems
EL263    Emergency Planning
EL264    Cybersecurity in the Water Sector

EL148    Introduction to the Utility
EL154    Physical Infrastructure Management Program
EL155    Water Supplies and Demand Management
EL208    Fire Hydrant Basics for Pressurized  Water Systems
EL209    Sewer Collection Piping Systems and Appurtenances - Updated for 2021!
EL211    Flushing and Bacteriological Testing - Updated for 2021!
EL227    Backflow 1: Prevention and Cross-Connection Control - Updated for 2021!
EL228    Basic Math I and Chemistry I - Recently revised course!
EL229    Membrane Processes - Updated for 2021!
EL178    Revised Total Coliform Rule - Updated for 2021!
EL156    Establishing Leadership in the Organization
EL157    Planning the Utility
EL158    Building the Utility
EL159    Financing the Utility
EL149    Basic Supervision
EL151    Management Responsibilities
EL152    Management Styles

Instructor-Led Courses

HTO1    High-Tech Operator Course 1
HTO2    High-Tech Operator Course 2 (HTO may be taken in any order)
HTO3    High-Tech Operator Course 3 (HTO may be taken in any order)
WTO1    Water Treatment Operator Level One
WTO2    Water Treatment Operator Level Two
WTO3    Water Treatment Operator Level Three


Instructor Led Courses

Facilitated online courses in Water Treatment Operator and High Tech Operator provide participants with feedback, graded assignments, and discussion.

AWWA Utility Risk & Resilience Certificate Program 

This certificate program will provide a foundation for supporting water utilities in the development of an all-hazards approach to risk and resilience management. 




Infrastructure Management Certificate Program 

There are 6 courses included: Physical Infrastructure, Water Supplies & Demand, Establishing Leadership in the Organization, Planning the Utility, Building the Utility, Financing the Utility.