Video Streaming

More Effective Training With Video Streaming 

Video-on-demand streaming is the solution to effective and professional utility training. It’s easy to train anywhere, anytime. These high-resolution videos provide comprehensive and engaging training on a large selection of topics. All of the video content that your organization needs to train its employees is quick and easy to access through streaming.

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Channels Available on Streaming


Safety First

The Safety First channel includes 30+ full-length videos covering 10 hours of safety-focused content for utility professionals.

Strengthen the skills of your employees and encourage an atmosphere of safety in your organization. Topics include safety practices and protocol for utility hazards and the workplace, personal protective equipment and more.   

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The WSO Channel includes 60+ full-length videos covering 20 hours of certification and training content for operators.

Strengthen the practices and procedures of your operator employees. Topics include disinfection, coagulation, filtration, water loss control, maintaining distribution systems and more.   

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Safety First + WSO

Make training a priority and save money when you purchase both the Safety First and WSO channels! 

The Safety First channel includes 30+ full-length videos covering 10 hours of safety-focused content for utility professionals.

The WSO Channel includes 60+ full-length videos covering 20 hours of certification and training content for operators.   

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Train Your Entire Staff More Efficiently Than Before

Get access to a library of videos and train your entire staff for a low cost. New releases will be added regularly to expand your value.

Train Your Entire Staff

Access Videos on Any Device

Access Videos and Watch on Any Device

Retire your DVD player and access training videos on any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Create, Save, and Share Custom Video Playlists

You can create a collection of videos specific to your facility’s needs allowing you the ability to completely customize your training program.

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Videos Include Quizzes

Test Your Employees' Knowledge with Quizzes

Some videos are accompanied with a supplementary quiz to test your employees’ learning.


Answers to Your Streaming Questions

Are there additional materials (e.g. worksheets) that come with streaming?

Most of the videos on the Safety First channel are accompanied by downloadable training quizzes.

Do I have to call you to order?

Individual subscriptions can be purchased through our online store. Utility organizational subscriptions can only be purchased by contacting our customer service team.

Can I present the videos to a room of people I'm training?

Individual subscriptions allow you to present these videos to other individuals within your organization. For remote training, consider purchasing an organizational subscription for your Utility.

Can I earn CEUs by watching videos?

AWWA Video Streaming contains content relevant to water professional knowledge and competencies. Currently we do not provide Certificates of Completion for video viewing, and AWWA streaming is not pre-approved for continuing education (CE) credits. Your state or provincial agency may provide continuing education (CE) credits for video viewing – please contact them in advance.

Does AWWA Video Streaming integrate with my LMS?

At this time, we do not offer integration between AWWA Video Streaming and customer learning management systems (LMS).

Is there a limit to how many times I can watch a video?

No, you can watch each video as many times as needed while you have a subscription.

What kind of videos can I access through streaming?

Currently video streaming offers both safety and operator training videos through two different channels.

If someone leaves our organization can we transfer our subscription to someone else?

Individual subscriptions are non-transferable. Utility organizational subscriptions allow any current utility employee to log in and watch videos.

How do I get my team signed up to watch AWWA video streaming?

If your utility purchases an organizational subscription to AWWA Video Streaming, your employees must register on before logging in to the video platform to watch video content. 

Here are instructions to provide them on how to register an account. If you have questions or encounter any issues in registration please contact us

How to Register an AWWA Account 

  1. Visit, and click “Login” in the upper-right corner
  2. Click “I Agree – Create Account”
  3. You will be prompted to provide your email
  4. On the “Tell Us About Yourself” screen, you will fill out the form with your information. To ensure that you can watch content at, you will need to make sure you register as an employee of your utility. To do this, fill out City, State, and Country fields, start typing in the name of your employer in the Company Name field, then click Find Company. You will then be able to choose the name of your employer from a dropdown list.
  5. Finish registration by making a password. When you login to AWWA video streaming, you will use the email address and the password you used when registering for your AWWA account.
  6. You can now watch videos at