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On-Demand Video Training for Crucial Water Topics

What are safe ways to store compressed gas cylinders?
How does chlorine water treatment promote public health?
What math should operators know?
How should you prepare for emergencies?
What are good ways to answer common consumer questions about water?

AWWA offers more than 100 training videos designed to show water professionals and water organizations the right steps to take and the most important issues to consider. Developed with insight from experts across the water sector, these practical videos get right to the point and answer all essential questions.

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DVDs of all videos will be available through the end of 2022.

Features and Benefits:
  • Train your staff more efficiently
  • Watch on any device
  • Create and share custom playlists
  • Reinforce learning with follow-up quizzes

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Available by channel:

Training videos cover these topic areas:

  • Safety. Part of AWWA’s Safety First resource collection
  • Water System Operations. Resources for certification exams or on-the-job training, based on AWWA’s bestselling WSO books
  • Preparing for operator certification. Relevant chemistry and math instruction

AWWA offers two channels of video training content:

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Frequently Asked Questions about AWWA video streaming:

  • Do additional materials, such as worksheets, come with streaming videos?
    Yes. Downloadable training quizzes are available for most of the videos on the Safety First channel.
  • How do I subscribe to AWWA videos? How do I get my team signed up to watch AWWA streaming videos?
    Individual (trainer) subscriptions can be purchased on the AWWA store. For organizational subscriptions, after your employer purchases a utility/organizational video streaming subscription, each employee who wishes to view this content must register on Once registered, they can log in to the video platform. Registration questions? Email
  • Can I present the videos to a room of people I'm training?
    Yes. Individual subscriptions allow you to present these videos to other individuals within your organization. For remote training, consider purchasing an organizational subscription for your utility. Email AWWA customer service.
  • Can I download a video and save it to my device?
    Training videos can only be viewed while logged-in to your subscription with an active internet connection.
  • Can I earn continuing education units (CEUs) by watching videos?
    Some states/provinces provide continuing education (CE) credits for viewing AWWA videos. Please contact your state or provincial agency to confirm before purchasing your subscription. AWWA streaming videos contain information relevant to water professional knowledge and competencies. AWWA does not offer Certificates of Completion for viewing training videos.
  • If an individual subscriber leaves our organization, can we transfer our subscription to another employee?
    No. Individual subscriptions are non-transferable. However, utility/organizational subscriptions allow any current utility employee to log in and watch videos.

Safety training

Safety Training

Safety is a No. 1 priority that must be covered appropriately and regularly. Videos are an easy way to keep safety top-of-mind with your staff all year long—just present them throughout the year whenever you have the time.

Water operator

Operator Certification

Math and chemistry videos can help your operators prepare for their upcoming water or wastewater certification exam. These tutorials are a great resource if your team prefers to learn through video instead of with a traditional textbook.

Water laboratory

Consumer and Youth Education

Inform consumers on popular topics like water conservation and the importance of water treatment for public health. Youth topics are covered in a captivating way with animations and child actors.

Operator training

Operator Training

Help your staff brush-up on proper jar-testing techniques or pump disassembly before they head into the field? These videos cover topic-specific training that goes into the science and practical application of many procedures.