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Opflow coverOpflow presents new and established technologies and strategies for water treatment and distribution, as well as wastewater operations. Primary audience: hands-on water professionals and trade operators. Readers appreciate that Opflow delivers practical information that’s also easy to understand.

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*Opflow Reader Survey, 2020
**2021 Statement of Ownership, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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2022 Opflow Editorial Calendar



Due Dates

Bonus Distribution*

January/February AWWA Standards
Membrane Water Filtration
Editorial: 9/1/2021
Sales Close: 11/29/2021
Materials Due: 12/6/2021
AWWA/AMTA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition
AWWA/WEF The Utility Management Conference™ and YP Summit
March Water Reuse
Source Water Protection
Editorial: 11/1/2021
Sales Close: 1/31/2022
Materials Due: 2/7/2022
April Water Sampling/Testing
ACE Preview
Editorial: 12/1/2021
Sales Close: 2/28/2022
Materials Due: 3/7/2022
May Leak Detection
Smart Water Solutions
Editorial: 1/3/2022
Sales Close: 3/28/2022
Materials Due: 4/4/2022
June Drought Preparedness
and Response
Flushing and Cleaning
Editorial: 2/1/2022
Sales Close: 5/2/2022
Materials Due: 5/9/2022
July/August Storage Tank Maintenance
SCADA Management
Editorial: 3/1/2022
Sales Close: 5/31/2022
Materials Due: 6/6/2022
Transformative Issues Symposium
Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
September Pipeline Assessment
Trenchless Technology
Editorial: 5/2/2022
Sales Close: 8/1/2022
Materials Due: 8/8/2022
October Wastewater Treatment
Valve Maintenance
Editorial: 6/1/2022
Sales Close: 8/29/2022
Materials Due: 9/6/2022
November Filter Maintenance
Editorial: 7/1/2022
Sales Close: 10/3/2022
Materials Due: 10/10/2022
Water Quality Technology Conference® & Exposition
December Energy Management
Fire Protection
Editorial: 8/1/2022
Sales Close: 10/31/2022
Materials Due: 11/7/2022

*2022 conference schedule may be revised. Issue topics are subject to article availability and the discretion of the editor and do not define the entire issue. Every issue carries articles of general interest and broader scope, in addition to the issue’s topic of focus.

Send editorial inquiries and submissions to the Journal AWWA editor at opfloweditor@awwa.org

Direct advertising and Product Spotlight inquiries to the advertising manager at advertising@awwa.org.

Certification Corner

A 1/3 page ad in each issue, placed next to the quiz with the types of questions found on certification exams, allowing Opflow readers to sharpen their skills and knowledge.

Ten-issue contract: $3,085/issue
Six-issue contract: $3,282/issue
Three-issue contract: $3,491/issue

Cover Fold-Over

Direct readers straight to your advertisement with your logo and “See us on page __” right on the front cover. $1,200/issue




Highlight your product; includes full-color image and 75-word description as well as an online listing in the Product Marketplace. $995/issue

“Opflow keeps me informed of new technology and emerging challenges in the water/wastewater utility area.”
Manager, Government


2022 Opflow Member Rates

(published monthly)

  Size 1x 3x 6x 10x
 Two-Page Spread  $9,832 $9,340 $8,780 $8,253
 Full Page $7,275 $6,911 $6,497 $6,107
 Two-Thirds Page $5,985 $5,686 $5,345 $5,024
 One-Half Page $4,978 $4,729 $4,445 $4,179
 One-Third Page $3,675 $3,491 $3,282 $3,080


 Special Position  Add $500   
 Inside Front Cover $8,366  
 Inside Back Cover $8,003  
 Back Cover $9,021  

Prices can change without notice.


Insert (bound-in or blow-in)
Poster (polybag or bound-in)
Barrel Cover
Faux Cover (one-sided or two-sided)


Mechanical Specifications

  • Screen: 120/133
  • Printing: Web offset
  • Fonts: PostScript Type 1, no TrueType or font substitutions

PDF File Submission

High-resolution PDF file submission is preferred over sending native files for Journal AWWA and Opflow.

  • PDF/X-1a compliance (Note: PDF/X-1a is a PDF output option in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.)
  • No spot colors—must be CMYK, not RGB
  • All fonts must be embedded and transparencies flattened. (Note: These requirements are built into the PDF/X-1a preset.)
  • All elements must be high-resolution (300 ppi). Ink density 300%.
  • Do not apply security to the file.
  • Use crop and bleed marks offset from the printable area.

General Guidelines

  • Do not send press releases for product ads.
  • Photo or logo files must be in EPS, TIF, or JPG format and be named with the appropriate extension.
  • File resolution should be at least 300 ppi.
  • Do not compress the files.



 Two-Page Spread Live area: 15″ × 10″
w/bleed: 17″ × 11.375″

 Full Page Final trim: 8.375″ × 10.875″
Live area: 7″ × 10″
w/bleed: 8.875″ × 11.375″

 Two-Thirds Page Vertical  
4.5625″ × 10″

 One-Half Page Horizontal  
7″ × 4.875″

 One-Third Page Square  
4.625″ × 4.875″

 One-Third Page Vertical  
2.125″ × 10″

 Binding  Saddle Stitch  


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