AWWA Leadership

Executive Committee

Between meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee exercises full authority in conducting Association business to the extent provided in the Bylaws. The committee is made up of the President, who acts as Chair; President-Elect; Immediate Past-President; Treasurer; six Vice-Presidents; Chairs of the Councils; and Chair of Water Research Foundation; and the Chief Executive Officer, who serves as secretary.



The President is the chief elected officer and presides at all Board and Executive Committee meetings and at the Opening General Session of the annual conference. He/she accedes to office for a term of one year after serving as President-Elect, and serves an additional year as Immediate Past-President, for a three year commitment.

At each winter Board of Directors meeting, the Board electors elect a President-Elect and one or two Directors-at-Large. They also elect Vice-Presidents to fill any vacancies. Candidates for Vice-President must be current Section Directors. Every fourth year, a Treasurer is nominated by the Nominating Committee and confirmed by the Board. The Presidential Officers are the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Treasurer, and the Chief Executive Officer.

Board of Directors

The property, affairs, and business of the Association shall be managed by the Board of Directors. The Board consists of the President, who acts as chair; President-Elect; Immediate Past-President; Treasurer; the Chair of each Council; Chair of Water Research Foundation; one or more Directors elected by each of the 43 AWWA sections, six of whom also serve as Vice-Presidents; four Directors-at-Large; and the Chief Executive Officer, who serves as secretary.

Board members serve for three years. Regular Board meetings are held in January and at the annual conference.

AWWA Staff

AWWA Staff leadership works with staff members on a day-to-day basis within our offices in Denver, Colo. and Washington, D.C.

AWWA Past Presidents

2020 -

2022 Joe Jacangelo, PhD, Virginia Secion

2021 Chi Ho Sham, PhD, New England Secion

2020 Melissa Elliott, Rocky Mountain Section


2019 Jim Williams, Indiana Section

2018 David Rager, Ohio Section

2017 Brenda Lennox, Pacific Northwest Section

2016 Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, Chesapeake Section

2015 Gene C. Koontz, Pennsylvania Section

2014 John J. Donahue, Illinois Section

2013 James A. Chaffee, Wisconsin Section 

2012 Charlie Anderson, Texas Section

2011 Jerry Stevens, Iowa Section

2010 Joseph Mantua, Chesapeake Section


2009 Craig Woolard, Alaska Section

2008 Michael J. Leonard, Georgia Section

2007 Nilaksh J. Kothari, Wisconsin Section

2006 A.T. Rolan, North Carolina Section

2005 Andrew W. Richardson, Arizona Section

2004 Kathryn L. McCain, Texas Section

2003 Marlay B. Price, Ohio Section

2002 Lyndon B. Stovall, South Carolina Section

2001 Ronald O. Schwarzwalder, Ohio Section

2000 Robert F. Willis, Pacific Northwest Section


1999 Stephen F. Gorden, Michigan Section

1998 Rod Holme, OWWA-A Section of AWWA

1997 Bevin A. Beaudet, Florida Section

1996 Rocky D. Wiley, Rocky Mountain Section

1995 Karl F. Kohlhoff, Arizona Section

1994 Robert L. Wubbena, Pacific Northwest Section

1993 Robert H. Reinert, New Jersey Section

1992 Foster S. Burba, Kentucky-Tenn. Section

1991 J. Edward Singley, Florida Section

1990 Frederick H. Elwell, New England


1989 Harold E. Snider, Missouri Section

1988 Steven Bonk, Ontario Section

1987 John H. Robinson, Kansas Section

1986 Robert T. Chuck, Hawaii Section

1985 Richard Miller, Ohio Section

1984 William H. Richardson, Illinois Section

1983 William O. Lynch, New York Section

1982 John H. Stacha, Texas Section

1981 Kenneth J. Miller, Rocky Mountain Section

1980 Jerome B. Gilbert, California-Nevada Section


1979 Donald K. Shine, Michigan Section

1978 Curtis H. Stanton, Florida Section

1977 R.R. Peters, Virginia Section

1976 C.A. Ring III, New Jersey Section

1975 Walter K. Morris, Pennsylvania Section

1974 Robert B. Hilbert, Intermountain Section

1973 George E. Symons, New York Section

1972 Clifford W. Hamblin, North Central Section

1971 Charles A. Black, Florida Section

1970 Thurston E. Larson, Illinois Section


1969 Joseph H. Kuranz, Wisconsin Section

1968 H. Cristopher Medbery, California Section

1967 Henry J. Graeser, Texas Section

1966 Leo Louis, Indiana Section

1965 Samuel S. Baxter, Pennsylvania Section

1964 E. Jerry Allen, Pacific Northwest Section

1963 John G. Copley, New York Section

1962 William D. Hurst, Western Canada Section

1961 John W. Cramer, Nebraska Section

1960 C.F. Wertz, Florida Section


1959 Lauren W. Grayson, California Section

1958 Lewis S. Finch, Indiana Section

1957 Fred Merryfield, Pacific Northwest Section

1956 Paul Weir, Southeast Section

1955 Frank C. Amsbary Jr., Illinois Section

1954 Dale L. Maffitt, Iowa Section

1953 M.B. Cunningham, Southwest Section

1952 Charles H. Capen, New Jersey Section

1951 Albert E. Berry, Ontario Section

1950 W. Victor Weir, Missouri Section


1949 A.P. Black, Florida Section

1948 Linn H. Enslow, New York Section

1947 N.T. Veatch, Missouri Section

1946 Wendell R. LaDue, Ohio Section

1945 Leonard N. Thompson, North Central Section

1944 Samuel F. Newkirk Jr., New Jersey Section

1943 Samuel B. Morris, California Section

1942 Abel Wolman, Chesapeake Section

1941 Louis R. Howson, Illinois Section

1940 Norman J. Howard, Ontario Section


1939 J. Arthur Jensen, North Central Section

1938 Reeves Newsom, New York Section

1937 Eugene F. Dugger, Virginia Section

1936 William W. Hurlbut, California Section

1935 Frank A. Barbour, New England Section

1934 Harry E. Jordan, Indiana Section

1933 Malcolm Pirnie, New York Section

1932 George W. Pracy, California Section

1931 Ross L. Dobbin, Ontario Section

1930 George T. Fenkell, Michigan Section


1929 Jack J. Hinman Jr., Iowa Section

1928 William W. Brush, New York Section

1927 James E. Gibson, Southeast Section

1926 Allan W. Cuddeback, New Jersey Section

1925 Harry F. Huy, New York Section

1924 Frank C. Jordan, Indiana Section

1923 George W. Fuller, New York Section

1922 Willard S. Cramer, Kentucky-Tennessee Section

1921 Edward Bartow, Iowa Section

1920 Beekman C. Little, New York Section


1919 Carleton E. Davis, Pennsylvania Section

1918 Charles R. Henderson, Iowa Section

1917 Theodore A. Leisen, Michigan Section

1916 Leonard Metcalf, New England Section

1915 Nicholas S. Hill Jr., New York Section

1914 George G. Earl, Louisiana Section

1913 Robert J. Thomas, Massachusetts Section

1912 Dow R. Gwinn, Indiana Section

1911 Alexander Milne, Ontario Section

1910 John W. Alvord, Illinois Section


1909 William P. Mason, New York Section

1908 D.W. French, New Jersey Section

1907 George H. Felix, Pennsylvania Section

1906 Darney H. Maury, Illinois Section

1905 Benjamin C. Adkins, Missouri Section

1904 Morris R. Sherrerd, New Jersey Section

1903 L.N. Case, State of Minnesota

1902 Charles H. Campbell, North Carolina Section

1901 William R. Hill, New York Section

1900 Charles E. Bolling, Virginia Section


1899 R.M. Clayton, Georgia Section

1898 Joseph A. Bond, Delaware Section

1897 John Caulfield, State oif Minnesota

1896 F.A.W. Davis, Indiana Section

1895 William G. Richards, Georgia Section

1894 William Ryle, New Jersey Section

1893 James P. Donahue, Iowa Section

1892 G.H. Benzenberg, Wisconsin Section

1891 John M. Diven, New York Section

1890 William B. Bull, Illinois Section


1889 John H. Decker, Kansas Section

1888 A.N. Denman, Iowa Section

1887 J.T. Fanning, State of Minnesota

1886 B.F. Jones, Missouri Section

1885 Peter Milne Jr., New York Section

1884 L.H. Gardner, Louisiana Section

1883 John G. Briggs, Indiana Section

1881-82 Jacob T. Foster, Illinois Section