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AWWA statement on wildfires in Hawaii

AWWA staff and members are heartbroken for our colleagues and friends in Maui, Hawaii, amid the tragedy of the recent wildfires. We extend our sympathy to everyone there who has lost loved ones and to those still awaiting news about the missing. We are deeply saddened by the devastating loss of homes and businesses, and we are grateful for the courageous work of firefighters and first responders who strive so valiantly to defend our communities. We hope all members of the AWWA Hawaii Section feel the communal embrace and support from the wider water family.

At this point, the situation on the ground in Maui is still in the phase of rescue and emergency response. As the situation advances to recovery, AWWA stands ready to assist in the rebuilding process. We will work through local agencies and, if activated, the Hawaii Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) to assess needs that can be addressed by the wider water community.

In the short-term, AWWA members wishing to assist are encouraged to consider providing support to a disaster relief organization of their choosing. Among those to consider:

  • World Central Kitchen: World Central Kitchen is on site in Maui, providing meals to first responders and families.
  • The American Red Cross: Red Cross disaster workers responded immediately, opening shelters across Maui to provide refuge for thousands of residents and tourists who have been displaced by the fires.
  • The Salvation Army is bringing food, shelter, hygiene items and emotional and spiritual care to survivors. They are providing thousands of meals to individuals and families at the Maui County Pukalani Shelter.
  • The Disability Hui led by the Hawaii State Council on Developmental Disabilities convened 16 partner organizations who serve people with disabilities and the aging community.
  • Americares emergency response experts are in transit to Hawaii to support the hardest hit communities. Upon arrival, the team will assess the needs of local health care facilities, coordinate emergency shipments of medicine and relief supplies.
  • Samaritan’s Purse deployed North American Ministries assessment teams to determine relief and support with debris clearance and sifting.

AWWA will keep you updated on this tragic situation and thanks all members for their caring and generosity.