| AWWA selects Tnemec to receive 2024 Innovation Award for sustainable water-based coating system
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AWWA selects Tnemec to receive 2024 Innovation Award for sustainable water-based coating system

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has awarded its 2024 Innovation Award to Tnemec Company, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance coatings, for its groundbreaking development of the first NSF/ANSI/CAN Std. 61 certified water-based protective coating system designed for potable water immersion service.

AWWA’s Innovation Award recognizes a member who has inspired or implemented an innovative idea, best practice, or solution to benefit the water sector. 

“Receiving the AWWA Innovation Award is a true honor for all of us at Tnemec Company,” said Brian Cheshire, Tnemec's director of sales – water/wastewater. “Innovation is something that drives all of our efforts, from research all the way through product development. It holds even more value that we are receiving this award from the premier organization in the water industry, the American Water Works Association.”

The award-winning coating system, comprised of Series 98-H2O Hydro-Zinc primer and Series 1220 HydroLine topcoat, is a notable advancement in sustainability for the water sector. By eliminating the need for solvents and isocyanates, both known for their environmental and safety concerns, Tnemec's water-based system offers a safer and more eco-friendly solution without sacrificing performance or longevity.

“Tnemec has been dedicated to serving the water industry since the 1960’s,” said Cheshire. “We are well connected to our customers, who are comprised of owners, specifiers and coating applicators. Representatives of our organization have long-standing relationships with key industry clients and through these collaborations, actively help them to select and specify protective coatings to protect critical infrastructure assets from corrosion.”

The primer offers extended galvanic protection for steel potable water tanks, while the topcoat provides durable protection for both steel and concrete in potable water immersion service. Both products are low VOC, quick curing and deliver long-term corrosion resistance. 

Tnemec's water-based coating system is expected to have a significant impact on the water sector, providing a sustainable and high-performing solution for the long-term protection of critical water infrastructure assets. 


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