| AWWA Member Spotlight – Mohamed Osman, Atlantic First Nations Water Authority, Nova Scotia
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AWWA Member Spotlight – Mohamed Osman, Atlantic First Nations Water Authority, Nova Scotia

Position and responsibilities: I’m a project engineer and report to the manager of engineering at Atlantic First Nations Water Authority, which is a First Nations owned non–profit organization that delivers water and wastewater services to First Nations communities. I provide engineering oversight for many capital projects and play a key role in the asset management program. My duties involve managing projects from beginning to end, including concept development, project design and construction oversight.

Mohamend OsmanEducation: Bachelor Degree, Civil Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan; Postgraduate studies, Environmental Engineering, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Why did you pursue engineering? I have been passionate about math and geometry since I was young. Following my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, I studied civil engineering at the University of Khartoum in Sudan.

Why did you and your family move from Saudi Arabia to Canada? My family and I had a long-term vision – looking for what had value for us – and we chose Canada. The quality of life, respect for cultural diversity, and being surrounded by immersive nature drove us to be part of these values.

How did you get started in the water sector? Two years after graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I received a scholarship to study environmental engineering at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. This was a shift in my career as I got an excellent chance to work in some research related to the water and wastewater field. During this period, I also worked part-time for a consultant company, which was a booming period in the water industry in Saudi Arabia.

Staff at Atlantic First Nations Water AuthorityWhat type of project attracts you? I like new matters! If I am going to learn new things from the project, that will be my best project. I like the type of project that mimics nature in dealing with impurities and contaminants. (Pictured left, Osman at far right with colleagues at Atlantic First Nations Water Authority.)

What excites you about the future of water? With climate change impacting our lives and affecting the availability and quality of the water we depend on, more challenging situations may emerge. The solution may come from the water itself. It is not just what we drink. Water is now part of our future renewable energy. Hydrogen gas generation from water utilizes renewable energy sources, enabling power transfer from location to location.

Osman hiking with familyHow have you benefited from your AWWA membership? AWWA is my source of information when I work on any technical issues. I like the on-demand webinars most.

Please describe your family and/or hobbies and interests. Outside of work, I balance my busy life by spending quality time with my family (pictured right), reading, visiting nature, walking on trails, talking with friends and going to the gym. Eventually, I hope to travel throughout Canada, discovering new places and meeting new people.