| AWWA COMMENT PERIOD ON THE REVISIONS TO AWWA C200 – Steel Water Pipe, 6 In. (150 mm) and Larger
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AWWA COMMENT PERIOD ON THE REVISIONS TO AWWA C200 – Steel Water Pipe, 6 In. (150 mm) and Larger

AWWA COMMENT PERIOD ON THE REVISIONS TO AWWA C200 – Steel Water Pipe, 6 In. (150 mm) and Larger
Sept. 1, 2023

AWWA solicits public comments on all proposed new AWWA Standards, and on all proposed revisions, reaffirmations, or withdrawals of existing AWWA Standards. The referenced standards project is being considered for approval and the publication of this notice begins the 45-day public comment period for AWWA and ANSI. An electronic public review copy of the proposed standard can be obtained for review during the comment period by emailing ETS Support. Comments must be submitted in writing to the AWWA contact listed below no later than the last day of the comment period specified herein. Such comments shall be specific to the section(s) of the standard under review and include sufficient detail so as to enable the reader to understand the commenter's position, concerns and suggested alternative language, if appropriate.

AWWA Comment Period closes on October 16, 2023.

Send comments to:
Liz Ralph
303.347.6177 phone

The review copy will be edited for publication and may also be revised as appropriate based on any comments received during the public comment period. Therefore, this copy is not suitable for continued utilization and is intended only for comment purposes.

Final publication of the standard may take several months. When it is available, a notice will be published in the official notice section of Journal - American Water Works Association. The standard becomes an effective AWWA standard on the first day of the month following such publication in Journal - American Water Works Association

This standard describes electrically butt-joint-welded straight-seam or spiral-seam pipe and seamless pipe, 6 in. (150 mm) in nominal diameter and larger, for the transmission and distribution of potable, raw, and reclaimed water, or wastewater or for use in other water system facilities.

Major revisions made to the standard in this edition include the following:
1. Updated Sec. I.C. Acceptance in the Foreword with the latest Standards Council language reflecting the addition of reference to NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 600.
2. In Sec. II.A Advisory Information on Product Application in the Foreword, Item 5 Roundness of Pipe was revised to provide more information on bracing.
3. The scope was updated to include raw and reclaimed water and wastewater since the standard is applicable to these (Sec. 1.1).
4. The definitions for potable, raw, reclaimed water and wastewater were added and the definitions for bevel, check analysis, flame cutting, MT, PT, RT, random lengths, UT, VT were deleted from Sec. 3 Definitions.
5. Updated Sec. 4.1 Permeation and Sec. 4.2. Materials with the latest Standards Council boilerplate language.
6. The information in Sec. 4.6 Requirements for Welding Qualifications was rearranged, combined, and slightly revised for better flow.
7. Figure 2 Repair method by offset value and wall thickness was revised to include coil splice welds.
8. Sec. 4.8.1 Weld-test specimens was renamed and separated into two sections.
9. Sec. on random lengths was deleted.
10. Sec. Testing and certification was revised.
11. Sec. Gasket dimensions and tolerances was revised and updated splice testing.
12. A new Sec. 4.11.5 Ends for field butt joint welding with sub sections Squareness of pipe ends and Sec. End face tolerances was added to update and replace beveled ends section. This separates butt joint end squareness and butt joint face assessment.
13. A new Fig. 9 Field butt joint end tolerance was added.
14. Sec. Diameter was rearranged and revised.
15. In Sec. Nondestructive testing (NDT), Item 6, Hydrostatic testing of specials was clarified to be at a maximum of the design pressure of the special.
16. Sec. NDT qualifications were clarified for specific methods.