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AWWA's Lead Communications package helps utilities communicate with confidence by providing adaptable outreach documents, samples from colleagues across North America and off-the-shelf AWWA tools. 

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AWWA Career Center is the place to post a job, find a job and get connected to top professionals in the water industry.

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AWWA members and others enjoy access to the water sector's hottest topics, including Asset Management, Emergency Preparedness, Water Conservation and many more. Get the latest news, tools, guides and more.

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Enhancing utility performance through operational optimization

Learn about our Partnerships for Safe Water and Clean Water

Technical & Educational Program

Find the latest news on calls for abstracts, project papers, technical program development and policy statements.

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essentials for water professionals

As the authoritative resource on safe water, AWWA has collected 130 years-worth of industry knowledge and experience. Besides manuals, standards and other guidance material, AWWA provides several online avenues to access water knowledge:

Utility management is a tough job. We can help!

You need to wear a lot of hats if you’re involved in the management of a public water and/or wastewater utility. For starters, you have to manage budgets, follow government guidelines, oversee construction crews, prepare environmental reports, appeal to customers and manage staff. And that’s all before you take on your real challenge – overseeing your facility to ensure a safe water supply for everyone in your region.

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Developing water knowledge

The Technical & Educational Council and its divisions and working committees develop essential programs and materials for water professionals.

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A critical first step in asset management- Made easy!

Buried No Longer® is an online economic forecasting tool for pipe repair and replacement.

Utilities enter data and the tool provides cost estimates under a base model as well as with financial deferrals built in. The output data can be broken out by pipe size or pipe material categories.

Enhancing utility performance through operational optimization



Today, water is not easily divided into different disciplines, and water professionals increasingly must understand and manage water in all its stages.

AWWA has the information and experts to help you effectively and efficiently manage water from source to tap to reintroduction into the environment. 

AWWA is your source for Total Water Solutions.


Explore AWWA's new technical resources and tools:

  • 2017 AWWA Utility Benchmarking: Performance Management for Water and Wastewater allows utility managers to use data and analyses to determine how their utility’s performance compares to the water or wastewater industry. The report includes performance indicators for five areas of operations: Organizational Development, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Water Operations, and Wastewater Operations.
  • Workforce Resource Community: This new Resource Community aims to build resources and capability within the water profession that will enable leaders, managers, and organizations to successfully attract, recruit, train and retain talented and skilled people who will sustain and enhance the water industry and its crucial services to the public.
  • Emergency Preparedness Resource Community: Follow hurricane recovery efforts in Florida and Texas, including by WARN programs in those states.
  • Lead Communication Resources: Frequent and transparent communication is key to keeping our communities safe from lead in pipes and plumbing. This package helps utilities communicate with confidence by providing adaptable outreach documents, samples from colleagues across North America and off-the-shelf AWWA tools.
  • The Partnership for Clean Water is a global optimization and recognition program for wastewater utilities, that launched in June 2016. It is established as a parallel program to the Partnership for Safe Water, which has successfully been helping drinking water utilities optimize performance for more than 20 years.