The Workforce Resource Community builds resources and capability within the water profession that will enable leaders, managers, and organizations to successfully attract, recruit, train, and retain talented and skilled people who will sustain and enhance the water industry and its crucial services to the public.

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Operator Licensing Requirements
Across the United States

This report, offered now only to AWWA members, catalogues licensing requirements for water and wastewater operators across all 50 states to determine opportunities for and barriers to cross-training. Need-to-know criteria (NTKC) were identified by state to help operators prepare for certification examination, identify states that use Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) NTKC criteria, develop their own criteria, or have a combination of two.

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Baywork Resources

M5 Cover

This manual of practice covers public water utility management. It is designed for new managers, accountants, and supervisors.
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2018 Annual Conference & Exposition

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Workforce Strategies Committee

We are committed to the health and maintenance of the water industry's workforce. The committee has many on-going projects to help attract, recruit, train and retain talented and skilled people in the water industry, including an effort to connect Veterans to continued public service in the water industry. To join the Workforce Strategies Committee, please submit a Volunteer Application.

Pieter Van Ry, Chair, Workforce Strategies Committee

Succession Planning Workshop

Developing a Roadmap for Leadership and Succession Planning 2.0: A Collaborative Approach
Presentations originally developed for the 2017 Utility Management Conference