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  • IMSDesign 2015 - (Integrated Membrane Solutions Design) is the latest version of Hydranautics membrane projection software, an advanced sizing tool that meets the most demanding needs of the membrane professionals.
  • ROSA System Design Software - (Reverse Osmosis System Analysis) design software continues to evolve and grow to meet your demanding system design needs.

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Are You a Membrane Researcher?

AWWA's Membrane Technology Research Committee developed a tool to map and track information on membrane researchers in order to help promote collaboration for improving membrane technologies and processes. Click here to view the map. 

If you are a membrane researcher who wants to be included in the database please complete the form below! 

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This manual presents a comprehensive description of the issues related to applying membrane technologies in water reuse projects.

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Detailed technical information on MF and UF treatment processes for water operators, engineers, and utility management.

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Search decades of archived articles published in Journal AWWA and Opflow on this and many other related topics.

American Membrane Technology Association

The American Membrane Technology Association provides broad opportunities for the exchange of technical, operational and financial information among individuals and organizations interested in membrane technologies.

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Desalination & Water Reuse

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Desalination & Water Reuse, published with the cooperation of The International Desalination Association, covers engineering aspects of desalination and water reuse from municipal water supplies to industrial needs. It delivers practical information and news on projects, materials and equipment, and research worldwide.