2017 Water Utility Disinfection Survey Report

The 2017 Water Utility Disinfection Survey was commissioned by the AWWA Disinfection Committee Project Team and funded by the AWWA Technical & Educational Council. 

This project was the fifth disinfection survey conducted since 1978 to better understand current U.S. operation practices, regulatory effects, and disinfection-related challenges within the drinking water industry. 

The report summarizes the findings from the 2017 survey, particularly as they relate to current disinfection practices among the 375 utility respondents.

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Essential Resources

Capacity versus water age

Managing Biofilm, Coliform Occurrence and Microbial Communities

Aging Infrastructure

Taste, odor, and other aesthetics


Internal Corrosion and Metals Release

Disinfectants and Disinfection By-products

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention

Security Issues

Premise Plumbing

Emerging distribution system water quality issues

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