Water Knowledge


Explore these topic-based pages that integrate relevant resources, tools, and learning opportunities.

  • Workforce Resource Community: This new Resource Community aims to build resources and capability within the water profession that will enable leaders, managers, and organizations to successfully attract, recruit, train and retain talented and skilled people who will sustain and enhance the water industry and its crucial services to the public.
  • Asset Management Resource Community: AWWA's Buried No Longer® tool is intended to help water and wastewater utilities understand their pipeline infrastructure replacement costs.
  • Climate Change Resource Community: EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities initiative has launched two tools to promote a clear understanding of climate science and adaptation options by translating complex climate projections into understandable, actionable, localized information for the water sector, including drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities.
  • Cyanotoxins Resource Community: See the updated CyanoTOX® Version 2.0 tool that builds on the success of its sucessor in helping utilities calculate their system's oxidation options for cyanotoxins.
  • Emergency Preparedness Resource Community: Follow hurricane recovery efforts in Florida and Texas, including by WARN programs in those states.
  • Lead Resource Community: Access AWWA's collection of Lead Communication resources.
  • Legionella Resource Community: See the US Centers for Disease Control guide to help water managers manage Legionella in buildings. 
  • Reuse Resource Community: Download an  AWWA report that emphasizes the need for potable reuse and simply explains how the treatment processes work. 
  • Small Systems Resource Community: Learn more about free training opportunities coming to your state and online. 
  • Water Loss Resource Community: Access report on The State of Water Loss Control in Drinking Water Utilities

Additional Resources

Flange Torque Calculator

This online interactive tool can be used in conjunction with AWWA’s Manual M11 to determine the recommended torque ranges and other important flange details, gasket stresses, and bolt yield loads.



Corrosivity Calculations

Lab bottles

Estimate the corrosivity of a water sample using the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) and the Ryznar Stability Index (RSI) using this spreadsheet tool from the AWWA WaterMATH Quick Calculator for Water Operators CD:

WaterMATH Corrosivity Estimators (XLS)

For more precise estimates, try the Tetra Tech (RTW) Model for Water Process & Corrosion Chemistry

Hypochlorite Assessment Model

Storage tanks

To support our utility members, AWWA has developed a web-based predictive modeling tool (Copyright 2011 AWWA) intended to provide member users with approximate guidance on the degradation of hypochlorite and levels of selected degradation byproducts at their sites.