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Launching in January 2019, AWWA Water Science will be an interdisciplinary journal publishing original, refereed research on the science, engineering, and social aspects of water.

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The combination of AWWA’s editorial excellence and Wiley’s publishing prowess gives AWWA Water Science greater impact and 
reach. Authors will enjoy expert review, rapid publication, interdisciplinary exposure, and global impact.

AWScoverAWWA Water Science

Launching in January 2019, AWWA Water Science will be an interdisciplinary journal publishing original, refereed research on the science, engineering, and social aspects of water. It will explore the theoretical, experimental, and practical approaches that advance fundamental understanding and application of all aspects of waterworks and any source water that could conceivably become a potable water supply.

AWS serves as an international forum for knowledge exchange and innovation. With the launch of this new scholarly journal, AWWA will cease publishing peer-reviewed content in Journal AWWA (although research from AWS will still be mentioned in the Journal). 

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Topics of interest include:

  • Treatment processes for municipal water, wastewater, and reuse — Chemical, physical and biological methods
  • Water quality monitoring, assessment, and improvement
  • Chemical and microbial contaminant discovery, evaluation, fate, and transport
  • Waterworks monitoring, assessment, and improvement
  • Public health and risk assessments of water and waterworks
  • Premise plumbing issues and consumer water quality
  • Applied mathematical modeling and system analysis techniques for water and waterworks
  • Socio-economic studies pertinent to water and waterworks
  • Aspects of potable and non-potable water reuse
  • Sustainability of water resources and water works
  • Water conservation and drought response
  • Finance/rates for water and waterworks
  • New materials or technologies (instruments, sensors, waterworks components, etc.)
  • Decision-making frameworks for water use and water works design, operation, and management
  • Planning and design innovations for waterworks
  • Hydraulics of water works

The scope of the publication:

The scope of AWWA Water Science focuses on the physical, chemical, biological, and ecological processes that affect the quantity and quality of potable water, and the scope of research includes the application of fundamental science, engineering, and social principles to managerial, policy, and public health issues that affect and are affected by water. Besides review articles, original research published in AWS typically is based upon measurement and modeling that develops or applies theoretical principles and practical guidance to advance the scholarship of the water industry.

The target audience includes:

    Waterworks researchers
    Academics/faculty and utility/manufacturer research departments
    Consultant research groups and regulatory research labs

    Larger research community
    Academic areas: chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental science
    Applied areas: chemical engineers, chemists, civil engineers, environmental engineers, limnologists, microbiologists, modelers

How to submit to AWWA Water Science

Authors should kindly note that submission implies that the content has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, or identify if it has been published as a brief abstract or paper in the proceedings of a scientific meeting or symposium, on a preprint server, as part of a thesis, or as part of a research report (e.g., Water Research Foundation).

Once the submission materials have been prepared in accordance with the Submission Guidelines, manuscripts should be submitted online.

For help with submissions, please contact or call (303) 347‐6298.