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Customer Service Drives Quest for a Lead-Safe City

  • Author(s): Arnette, Verna; Swertfeger, Jeff; Schweitzer, Stephanni; Berry, Ronnie; Dawson, Patrice; Frey, Kathy; Lucky, Tiffany; Owen, Erin; Webb, Dawn
  • Publications: Opflow
  • Issue Date: September 2016
  • Volume / Number: 42, Number 9
  • Page(s): 12-14, 16
  • DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5991/OPF.2016.42.0052
  • Product Number: OPF_0084053
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At the forefront of advanced water treatment for decades, Greater Cincinnati (Ohio) Water Works has addressed distribution system issues with continued rigor, expanding customer service and developing strategies to advance the goal of complete lead service line removal.

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