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Committee & TEC Project Reports

(Updated Aug. 20, 2015)

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Submission to Journal AWWA

Committee reports and Technical & Educational Council (TEC) project reports are subject to the same formatting requirements as other peer-reviewed or nonpeer-reviewed articles (as applicable based on how they are submitted).

All committee reports must be balloted and approved. For information regarding this process, contact the appropriate AWWA staff liaison for your committee. Once balloting has concluded and the report has been approved, the AWWA staff liaison will submit the report to the Journal AWWA editor-in-chief.

Article Title

The title of a committee report is always preceded by “Committee Report:” (e.g., Committee Report: Accelerated Testing of Water Meters). 


Committee reports must contain abstracts. As with peer-reviewed articles, they may contain no more than 150 words.

Property Rights

Those preparing committee reports are required to obtain written copyright permission to include material in the report for which they do not own copyright.


The byline of a committee report or a TEC project report is always the name of the committee or subcommittee that produced the document. It is never an individual. Journal policy is as follows:

Journal - American Water Works Association attributes authorship of Committee Reports to the committee itself. The work is the result of a collaborative effort among many committee members (and in some cases includes individuals who are not official members of the committee). Journal AWWA does not cite the individuals who contributed to the report as being the authors. The byline on the article resulting from such reports is the name of the committee that prepared the report, never specific individuals. When such articles are referenced, Journal AWWA cites “Committee Report” as the author name (e.g., AWWA Workforce Strategies Committee. Committee Report: Awareness, Assessment, and Road Map Development—Key Elements for Knowledge Management. Journal AWWA, 104:8:61).

About the Author

The author tagline typically includes the individuals responsible for writing the report—not necessarily every member of the committee.

Sample committee report bio:

This article was prepared by the Knowledge Management Subcommittee of the AWWA Workforce Strategies Committee. Committee members include Jeff Oxenford (chair), Cheryl Davis (vice-chair), Mike Canning, Rhonda Harris, Linda Jennings, Stuart Karasik, Gary Visser, Cindy Goodburn, Richard Gerstberger, Sharon Peters, and J. Paul Blake.

For an example of a committee report, see January 2013, page 51 (Small System Research Committee. Committee Report: Getting Information to Small Systems: Information Dissemination Survey of Engineers and Regulators).


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