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Journal AWWA Column Submissions

(Updated Aug. 20, 2015)

Email Journal AWWA if you have questions regarding these submission guidelines.

Download complete Journal AWWA submission guidelines (PDF).


Product or Service Names

Although Journal AWWA accepts paid advertising, promotional material/content is not accepted for publication as editorial content in the Journal. Articles should be educational in nature and should provide information and data of benefit to Journal AWWA readers.

Articles should be written from the user’s point of view and should not contain customer testimonials supplied by a manufacturer; unless they appear in a paid advertisement, product testimonials are not acceptable for publication in Journal AWWA. A product or service name can be used one time in the column; it may not be repeated numerous times throughout the text. After the first appearance of the product name or service, a generic term should be used (for example, Lamella separator is the brand name; the generic term would be “inclined plate separator”; the Excellent Consultants LLC would be “the consultant”). 

Columns (Guidelines for Coordinators and Contributors)

A column coordinator is usually designated when a committee wants to submit articles on a routine, scheduled basis. The column coordinator will manage the submission of columns to the Journal AWWA and act as the liaison to the editor-in-chief. The column coordinator:

  • determines the topics for all of the columns
  • assigns authors for each of the topics
  • sends a copy of the submission guidelines to each author
  • keeps the authors/reviewers on track for meeting deadlines
  • ensures the copy submitted to the Journal is in its final form

Columns should range from 1,500 to 2,000 words. Journal AWWA prefers that committees submit articles dealing with topics of interest to the water industry that are being addressed by the committee. (See the Committee Connection in the March 2012 issue for an example.) Committees may also submit a sidebar to accompany their articles. In addition to briefly describing the work of the committee, the sidebar should include a “look to the future” and provide an assessment of trends in the committee’s field(s) of concern.

Column Subjects

While column subjects and titles will vary over time, below is a list of columns as of June 2015:

  • DC Beat
  • EcoLogic
  • Law and Water
  • Manager to Manager
  • Market Outlook
  • Money Matters
  • Security and Preparedness
  • Tech Talk
  • Total Water Solutions
  • Water Worldwide
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Young Professionals


  • Photos or illustrations to accompany articles should be included at the time of submission.
  • Photos should be in color.
  • Electronic image files must be saved as a .jpg or .tif file; be high resolution of 300 ppi [pixels per in.] or greater; be 4 × 5 in. or larger.
  • Photos may be submitted in separate files or embedded in the article text—depending on the resolution of the photos, the author may be asked to provide higher resolution files during the editing/production process.
  • All photos should include a caption, or the author should provide sufficient information in the text of the article for Journal AWWA staff to write an informative and interesting caption.

Figures and Tables

  • Tables or figures may be submitted for columns.
  • Refer to the “Graphical Elements” section of the Peer-Reviewed Submissions section for additional guidelines.

Author Information

Biography. A short biography will be requested from the author(s) prior to publication.

Author photographs. A photo of all authors will be requested prior to publication. Photographs should be in color and should be long enough to include the chest and wide enough to include the shoulders. Photos should be

  • saved as a .jpg or .tif file
  • high resolution (the equivalent of 300 ppi [pixels per in.] at a 1½ × 2 in. size or larger)
  • in separate files (not embedded in the text)
  • Additional paperwork. Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to provide all authors’ affiliations and addresses and to sign the Journal copyright form.


Readers are encouraged to write letters to the editor regarding content published in Journal - American Water Works Association. Debate and criticism, which are typical aspects of scientific and intellectual processes, must be handled with professional courtesy and respect. Personal attacks will not be considered for publication in Journal AWWA.


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