Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Neptune Technology Group

Get back to the business of water with the Neptune® L900™. Eliminate the burden of maintaining system infrastructure. Neptune’s L900 MIU is the water industry’s first LoRa Alliance™ certified solution for AMI networks. Build on R900® technology and maintain mobile backup reading capability of the same endpoints. Win your day at



Arsenic Removal

ISOLUX Arsenic Removal Systems

ISOLUX® is a proven well-head water treatment solution designed specifically to remove arsenic. All ISOLUX® arsenic removal systems are built for affordability and convenience with easy-to-load cartridges in stainless-steel housings. There’s no backwashing and practically no maintenance beyond cartridge replacement. The ISOLUX® zirconium adsorption media forms a nonleachable arsenic bond removing AsIII and AsV simultaneously and is verified for 99% to zero arsenic removal. Contact ISOLUX® at (480) 315-8430,, or



Chemical Metering

Blue-White Industries

The ProSeries-M® M-3 peristaltic metering pump handles demanding water and wastewater treatment environments. M-3 has feed rates from .0002 to 33.3 gph (.0007 to 126 lph) and pressure ratings to 125 psi (8.6 bar). M-3 is equipped with Flex-A-Prene Multi- Tube pump tubes with unmatched tube life up to four times longer that of single-tube designs. Additional M-3 features include brushless DC motor and built-in Tube Failure Detection. NEMA 4X (IP66), NSF 61, CE, ETL. Blue-White® is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Visit us online at



Contractor Opportunities

West Harris County Regional Water Authority

The Surface Water Supply Project is a 40-mile, 8-foot diameter waterline spanning Harris County, Texas, including two pump stations. Construction will begin in late 2018, and contracting opportunities will soon be available. Join us for an informational networking session to learn how your firm can participate. Contractor Outreach Workshop June 29, 2018, 8 a.m.–noon; Embassy Suites by Hilton, 11730 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77079;



Correlating Loggers

SubSurface Leak Detection

Thousands of ZCorr Correlating Logger systems have been used all over the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia for many years, and now new ZCorr systems are available. Put eight ZCorr Correlating Loggers out in the afternoon and survey for water leak sounds at valves for hours late at night. Water main leak clearly apparent? Pinpoint it with just two or three ZCorr Correlating Loggers on valves, hydrants, or meters nearby. SubSurface Leak Detection, PO Box 5490, Incline Village, NV 89450; (775) 298-2701;



Multisensor Analyzer/Controller


The Chemtrac HydroACT units offer a variety of online analyzer solutions and accommodate up to eight different sensors. Combine a UV254 Organics sensor with streaming current detection and pH sensors to create a comprehensive coagulation monitoring system. Add a UV254 sensor to a chlorine analyzer for more thorough disinfection by-product monitoring. HydroACT units provide a high-resolution display, a user-friendly interface, PID control options, data storage and trend-graphing capabilities, and more. Chemtrac, Inc., Norcross, Ga.; (800) 442-8722;



Online Turbidity Monitoring Solution

HF scientific

The MTOL+ turbidimeter from HF scientific offers an accurate, easy-to-calibrate instrument with low cost of ownership. USEPA and ISO compliant models come equipped with ultrasonic cleaning, customizable data logging, and simultaneous 4–20mA and Modbus signal outputs. Range includes 0–10, 0–100, or 0–1,000 ntu. Learn more.



Urban Water Efficiency Conference

WaterSmart Innovations

With its wide range of comprehensive professional sessions and panel discussions and an expansive expo hall and technical tours, a world of urban water-efficiency knowledge awaits you at the 11th annual WaterSmart Innovations (WSI) Conference and Exposition, Oct. 3-5 in Las Vegas. WSI is presented by the Southern Nevada Water Authority in partnership with the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the U.S. EPA’s WaterSense program, and other forward-thinking public- and private-sector organizations. For more information, visit



Water Treatment Equipment

AdEdge Technologies

Biottta® is a pioneering, regulatory-approved treatment process exclusive to AdEdge that is an economical, sustainable, and long-term solution that addresses multiple-contaminant removal. The fixed-bed, dual-stage biotreatment process cultivates a robust environment for microbiological organisms to destroy contaminants or reduce elements to simple nonharmful forms. For information, please visit us at See us at ACE18 booth #25108.



Water Treatment Systems

Hungerford & Terry

As an employee-owned company still setting the standards in water treatment since 1909, Hungerford & Terry can provide filtration systems to remove iron, manganese, arsenic, and radium; high-efficiency ion exchange systems to remove nitrates, perchlorate, chromium-VI, color, and hardness; condensate polishers; forced draft and vacuum degasifiers; and complete demineralizers.;



Well Systems and Equipment

SUEZ Water Advanced Solutions

We provide well rehabilitation and maintenance services, hydrogeologic services, well drilling, pump supply and repairs, and a well asset management program. The program includes initial condition assessment followed by a custom-engineered well rehabilitation to restore the well’s specific capacity. Afterward, we perform preventive well cleanings and repair/replace pumps and motors as needed. All services are bundled into one contract offered for a predictable annual fee. Call (855) 526-4413, email, or visit



Wireless Leak Detection and Monitoring

Trimble Water

Leakage of treated water from distribution networks is a major problem for water utilities. To address this challenge, Trimble Water now offers a unique family of advanced leak detection capabilities. Trimble’s wireless leak detection and monitoring solution provides a fixed and mobile leak detection and monitoring system for identifying and locating leaks and scheduling and tracking necessary repairs. The solution helps reduce costly pipeline bursts, leakage, and nonrevenue water. Trimble Water;