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Journal AWWA is proud of the many talented authors whose work appears in the pages of our publication. The “Author Highlight” is intended to give additional recognition to the people who make the Journal the high-quality publication it is—our authors. 
Andrew K. BoalWe recently had the opportunity to connect with Andrew K. Boal, chief scientist at MIOX, Johnson Matthey, Albuquerque, N.M. He wrote “Use of Sodium Thiosulfate to Quench Hypochlorite Solutions Prior to Chlorate Analysis” with fellow author Fotios I. Patsalis. 

Journal AWWA: What do you like about being an author for Journal AWWA?
Boal: Journal AWWA is an excellent venue for the publication of water related research because the Journal is highly respected and widely distributed. Publishing in Journal AWWA means that the research has been well vetted and has the opportunity to be useful to other water treatment professionals around the world. 

Journal AWWA: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Boal: Make sure your science has been thoroughly examined and accurate, but just as important, make sure your writing and graphics are clear and concise. You can have the most interesting result in the world, but if it is not effectively communicated in your writing, the impact of your work will be diminished. 

Journal AWWA: Describe your first writing experience and what motivates you to keep writing.
Boal: One of the first papers I wrote was after months of work that a co-worker and I did, trying to understand an initially incoherent-seeming data set that culminated in a series of overnight experiments fueled by too much coffee. When we were done with these tests, we had discovered something that no one had ever seen before. Writing up the result for publication so that our discovery could be shared was very exciting to the 20-year old me, and it’s a feeling that stays with me to this day when I have the opportunity to share research results.

Journal AWWA: Who was your first writing mentor and how did he or she encourage you to submit your writing for publication?
Boal: My first writing mentor was my master of science degree advisor at North Carolina State University, Dr. David Shultz. Dr. Shultz was my advisor during those late-night experiments and was the one who gave me the opportunity to write up those results for publication. His guidance, patience, and at least one entire pen’s worth of red ink gave me a good first start in the world of technical science writing.

Journal AWWA: What drew you to the water industry and your area of specialization?
Boal: I joined the water industry almost nine years ago with the goal of taking a swing at doing science in “the real world” and enjoy trying to crack the always complex challenges of treating water in a variety of applications.