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An Analysis of Potential Costs for Small Community Cross-Connection Control (PDF)

  • Author(s): Pontius, Frederick W.; Evans, William B.
  • Publications: Journal - American Water Works Association
  • Issue Date: July 2008
  • Volume / Number: 100, Number 7
  • Page(s): 66-80
  • DOI:
  • Product Number: JAW_0068259
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Cross-connection control and backflow prevention are not new concerns for water utilities. The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is considering regulation of drinking water distribution systems, and one component of this regulation may address cross-connection control programs. A national regulation would potentially affect approximately 60,000 US community water systems and nontransient-noncommunity water systems serving fewer than 10,000 people. The authors performed an analysis to assess the potential cost of possible USEPA cross-connection control program requirements. Potential regulatory program elements that could be expected as part of a water utility cross-connection control program were identified, and a methodology was developed to provide a transparent technical analysis of cost factors. The methodology was applied to determine an order-of- magnitude total cost that could result from comprehensive adoption of cross-connection control requirements for small community water systems. Insights gained from this analysis are discussed to inform assessment of national costs for future potential cross-connection control regulations.

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