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AWWA 2018 Compensation Survey

More than 700 utilities participated in the 2018 survey, supplying data for more than 26,190 employees.

The 2018 AWWA Compensation Survey of Water and Wastewater Utilities provides data and analyses of salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices in the water and wastewater utility industry. Make sound salary decisions with the support of comprehensive and relevant data from the latest compensation surveys. 

Your purchase of any of the compensation survey editions includes the printed book, a PDF of the book, as well as an excel file of the aggregate data. The digital files will be delivered to the My Downloads section of the My Account tab.

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 Large System Edition 
(serving populations over 100,000)
   Medium-Sized System Edition 
(serving populations up to 100,000)
  Small System Edition 
(serving populations under 10,000)


2017 AWWA Utility Benchmarking

The report provides benchmarking data for 34 key indicators, including 12 new indicators never before provided.








Water and wastewater utility managers need useful metrics to gauge how their organization is currently performing and to set reasonable targets for future performance. The benchmarking data in this report helps utilities improve both operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness.

Utility managers can use the data and analyses in this report to determine how their utility’s performance compares with the water or wastewater industry in five areas: Organizational Development, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Water Operations, and Wastewater Operations.

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2016 Water and Wastewater Rate Survey

Data are provided for 290 water utilities and 214 wastewater utilities, including data from utilities that serve from 1,000 to 9 million customers.

Is your utility’s rate structure meeting your revenue goals? How does your rate structure compare with other utilities in your geographic region? How do your rates compare with other similar size utilities? What are trends in utility rates?

Find out in this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute survey of water and wastewater utility rates. The survey is comprehensive in scope, covering many diverse aspects of water and wastewater operations in the sample communities. Survey data are shown in a series of easy-to-read spreadsheets, ideal for detailed analyses and comparisons. Data are organized by system size, so you can quickly isolate utilities that are similar to your own.

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