Journal AWWA and Opflow announce new digital platform
May 23, 2018

By Amber Wilson and Kimberly Retzlaff

The new digital platform for AWWA’s premier publications, Journal AWWA and Opflow, launched this week. Both publications are now hosted on the Wiley Online Library, the online platform of AWWA’s publishing partner, John Wiley & Sons Inc., a well-known and respected international publisher.

The new platform expands AWWA’s global reach—helping the association create impact, enhance discoverability, and increase knowledge sharing.
Access to Journal AWWA and Opflow is still a benefit of AWWA membership, and members will continue to access the publications by logging on through  After logging in, they will gain seamless access to both publications and be able to read and search content.

This transition comes on the heels of AWWA and Wiley joining forces in January to publish Journal AWWA and Opflow. Wiley has been mailing print copies of Journal and Opflow to members since January.

On the new websites, members will notice an updated design and several new and exciting features, including improved full text search, a mobile-friendly site and enhanced PDF capabilities. From the new AWWA hub page, members can navigate between the publications or search across them. They can also subscribe to RSS feeds, share content with nonmembers through e-mail and social media, and download figures to PowerPoint from either of the periodicals’ websites.

“The article share option is just one of many great new features on the websites,” said Zsolt Silberer, AWWA’s director of publishing. “With this, all authors, members and subscribers who are logged in can easily share a link to articles. This helps to expand the reach of AWWA content to water professionals and others not regularly reading the Journal or Opflow.”

In addition to these upgraded features, Journal and Opflow content—from 1997 to present—now can be easily read and searched as full HTML on any PC or mobile device. All content, including pre-1997 content, is still available in PDF format. Opflow’s archive, back to the first issue from 1975, is available now, as is Journal AWWA content back to 1960. By the end of 2018, members and readers will be able to browse through the full Journal AWWA archives back to 1914.

Another offering on the new Journal AWWA website is the Online Open designation on some peer-reviewed articles. This new option for Journal AWWA authors allows them to maintain copyright ownership of their content through a Creative Commons license and to have their work openly available online.

“The partnership with Wiley allows AWWA to greatly improve accessibility and usability of information in two important existing member publications,” said ChiHo Sham, PhD, Chair of the AWWA Technical and Education Council and Vice-President and Chief Scientist of Eastern Research Group, Inc., in Lexington, Mass. “Being able to stay up to date on water industry knowledge and to find critical information easily is a necessity for today’s water professionals. The advancements being introduced through the partnership with Wiley this year will help AWWA members find relevant information and get their work done in a timely fashion.”

AWWA’s partnership with Wiley also has led to expanded opportunities to reach developing countries through Research4Life. This philanthropic program provides research communities in developing countries with affordable access to academic and professional content.

AWWA is not stopping there. More changes and improvements through 2019 will expand and magnify the impact of AWWA for members and water professionals.

Silberer added, “With all the progressive developments that are occurring for Journal AWWA and Opflow, we promise to continue doing what AWWA has always done: develop and deliver valuable content that protects public health and advances the science of safe water.”