International Council

IC Organization

Organization Chart

ACE Program Committee

To develop international sessions for AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition and additional conferences as necessary. Also charged with liaison with the Technical & Educational Council.

Relationship Managers Committee

To manage formal international relationships between AWWA and other associations and agencies by being the point of contact for AWWA and by working with and through AWWA staff.

International Council Member Responsibilities

Every International Council member is a representative of all AWWA members from outside North America. The responsibilities of the IC member are:

  • Attend IC meetings and conference calls
  • Serve on committees assigned by the Chair
  • Perform research and report on assigned topics
  • Explore and report on needs of international members and their respective areas or regions

If you wish to be considered for an International Council position, please complete and submit the Volunteer Application.

Relationship Manager Responsibilities

A Relationship Manager is responsible for establishing a relationship, maintaining it and deepening it to build customer loyalty. The primary goals of the Relationship Manager are:

  • To act as the face of AWWA in developing relationships and contacts in the assigned country or region
  • To provide strategic guidance to the IC and staff by identifying the specific country needs in relation to the water industry
  • To provide feedback to IC and staff on the acceptance and usability of the solutions AWWA offers for each identified need

Relationship Managers must have a deep understanding of the area or region’s business culture, industry knowledge, business travel within the area or region, knowledge of AWWA offerings and solutions and excellent communication skills.

Currently, the International Council has Relationship Managers for Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Singapore and United Kingdom.


AWWAIndia is the first office of AWWA outside of North America. Created in 2015, its primary purpose is to serve the needs of the Indian AWWA members and act as a resource for helping the Indian water professionals improve water and wastewater supply and distribution, build a community to support educational needs and advance a sustainable future.

Visit the AWWAIndia website