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Thanks for your support and participation in AWWA's 2018 YP Leadership Training and the AWWA/WEF YP Summit in San Antonio, Texas. Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2019 events in Nashville, Tenn.!

Many thanks to Ashley Waldron for photographing the AWWA YP Leadership Training and AWWA/WEF YP Summit! 

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2018 AWWA YP Leadership Training in Online Photo Gallery

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YP Profile

Travis Ota

Meet Travis, a project coordinator at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. 

"There's more to water conservation than people can imagine. For example, virtual water makes up most of our water consumption in a single day. People don't think about how much water they are using when they purchase a new phone or eat a steak for dinner. I wanted to get the message out there that everything uses water and that your water consumption isn't only coming from your faucets," he says.

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Austin Frazier

Meet Austin, a water services consultant at 120WaterAudit in Zionsville, IN. 

His biggest advice for young professionals in the water industry is, "... Try everything and just put yourself out there. I can honestly say that the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences have been those that arose from the unexpected. It may seem like the world of water is a big place that is full of people, but it gets a lot smaller when you actively engage with the community," he says.

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