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2018 YP Leadership Training & AWWA/WEF YP Summit

Thanks for your support and participation in AWWA's YP Leadership Training and the AWWA/WEF YP Summit in San Antonio, Texas. Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2019 events in Nashville, Tenn.!

Many thanks to Ashley Waldron for photographing the AWWA YP Leadership Training and AWWA/WEF YP Summit! 

To access photos, follow these links:

Water YP Summit on Google Drive
Water YP Summit in Online Photo Gallery
2018 AWWA YP Leadership Training on Google Drive 
2018 AWWA YP Leadership Training in Online Photo Gallery

Want to share a presentation or handouts from the AWWA YP Leadership Training and/or the AWWA/WEF YP Summit with your peers or supervisor? 

Download presentation slides and handouts.

Who Am I - Why Am I Here - Where do I fit in AWWA? (PPT)

AWWA's 2018 Priorities (PPT)

Personal Marketing Plan (PPT)

TEC Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)

2018 YP Leadership Training One Pager (PDF)

Interested in receiving a copy of Professor Wayne Pratt's Ethical Management presentation? Email him at

Continue to build your connections with the AWWA/WEF YP Summit attendee list (PDF)