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Horizontal & Vertical Line Shaft Pumps

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Welcome to the home page of the Standards Committee on Horizontal & Vertical Line-Shaft Pumps. We hope that it will prove useful to members by providing information about committee activities. Your comments about the functionality of the site, and features you would like to see implemented will be valuable to AWWA. Contact Tim with any new ideas or comments.

Mission: To develop, maintain and update one or two new AWWA standards covering (1) horizontal centrifugal pumps for potable water supply and distribution system applications, and (2) line-shaft vertical turbine pumps for lifting water at normal temperatures from wells and other potable water supply system applications; and to develop related manuals, reports, etc., as may from time to time be authorized. This includes E103.

AWWA Staff Contact:
Mr. Timothy J. McCandless, P.E.
Phone: 303 3476285
Fax: 303 7957603




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