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Section MAC Development Committee

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The Committee’s purpose is to assist manufacturer/associate members in giving perspective and input to AWWA through the support of section MAC’s and to establish a conduit for effective two-way communication. The Region liaisons will act as that conduit from/to the National MAC and the Section MAC Chair.

At the National MAC meeting during the 2002 New Orleans ACE, 13 Section MAC Chairs participated in breakout discussion sessions with MAC members to discuss and review:

- Best Practices of Section MACs

- Recruitment

- Young Professional Involvement

- The role of the National MAC

The groups talked about what worked, what did not work, and then made recommendations for action items. The responses were based on the composition of the size of the Section MACs represented in the discussion group. The work product of each Discussion Group was as follows:

Best Practices

1. Section MAC involvement required a change in the By-Laws to accommodate formation of a MAC and to include the Section MAC Chair on the Section Board.

2. Development of the Section MAC works best when the group has its own budget and control over it.

3. Section MAC membership should be very inclusive with broad representation of commercial interest.

4. IDEAS TO EXPLORE include free exhibit space and support for paid staff people in the Section to assist with MAC activities


1. Get customers (Utilities) to pressure vendors to get involved.

2. Strong MAC leadership and continuity.

3. Support of manufacturer/associate member employer

4. Use existing committees (i.e., exhibits committee) to form basis of MAC

5. Planned diversity to enhance recruitment efforts

6. Liaison to other committees, especially Board Committees

7. THINGS THAT DO NOT WORK include poor communication of benefits to belong to the organization, such as relationship building, networking, access to technical information, input to conference structure & activities, and sponsorships.

Young Professional Involvement

1. Begin by getting members of your own company and your utility customer involved in Section activities

2. Include speaker topics apropos for a younger audience

3. Hold dinners that include students and find opportunities to involve them

4. Co-author papers and have younger author present the paper to get industry experience and recognition

5. Employer mentoring for manufacturer/associate members

6. Mandate participation of new hires to at least 2 Section meetings

7. Personal advocacy to get MAC/YP support from Trustees

8. THINGS THAT DO NOT WORK include CEU’s, Free passes to shows, free transportation, free lunches, lack of employer support, lack of acknowledgement of new members, and poor communications

Role of the National MAC

1. Setting communications and direction for Sections

2. Verify information and communicate accurate facts

3. Create MAC Bulletin Board or Discussion Group on Web Site

4. Align Section Liaisons with National Liaisons

5. Communicate through Regional liaisons

6. Provide additional forums with Section MAC and National MAC representatives

7. Encourage and recognize outstanding effort and support Section MACs

8. Provide up-dated materials describing how to develop Section MACs

9. Keep the MAC web page current with information & discussion areas

Mission: To provide manufacturers associates perspective and input to AWWA through the formation and support of section MACs and to establish a conduit for effective two-way communications.




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