Division Best Paper Award

2017 Recipients

Distribution & Plant Operations Division
"Improving Water System Resiliency and Security: Advanced Metering Infrastructure"
Nelson Mix and Kenneth A. Thompson

Management & Leadership Division
"The Human Capital Resource Challenge: Recognizing and Overcoming Small Utility Workforce Obstacles"
David Switzer, Manuel P. Teodoro, and Stuart Karasik

Small System Division
"Brine Disposal Options for Small Systems in California's Central Valley"
Vivian B. Jensen and Jeannie L. Darby

Water Conservation Division
"Mining for Water: Using Billing Data to Characterize Residential Irrigation Demand "
Mackenzie J. Boyer, Michael D. Dukes, Linda J. Young, and Chuan Wang

Water Quality & Technology Division
"Monitoring-Based Framework to Detect and Manage Lead Water Service Lines"
Elise Deshommes, Alicia Bannier, Laurent Laroche, Shokoufeh Nour & Michele Prevost

Water Resource Sustainability Division
"Severe Weather Effects on Water Quality in Central Arizona"
Michelle Barry, Chao-An Chiu, Paul Westerhoff

Water Science & Research Division
"PEX and PP Water Pipes: Assimilable Carbon, Chemicals and Odors"
Matthew Connell, Alexandra Stenson, Lauren Weinrich, Mark LeChevallier, Shelby L. Boyd, Raaf R. Ghosal, Rajarshi Dey and Andrew Whelton

Award Criteria

Purpose of the Award: To recognize annually the author(s) of outstanding papers from each AWWA division published in JOURNAL AWWA from January through December of the previous year.

The Award: A Division Best Paper Plaque.

Frequency of the Award: Annually.

Eligibility for the Award: All peer-reviewed papers published in Journal AWWA, with at least one author who is an AWWA member at the time of publication are eligible.

Entry Requirements: All papers eligible for the award are automatically considered.

Nomination Procedure: Because all papers meeting the eligibility requirements are considered for the award, there are no nomination procedures.

Division Award Committee Membership:  The division chair shall appoint three members, subject to concurrence by the division Board of Trustees, to serve as the division award committee.  The division chair is authorized to appoint a replacement for any committee member who has conflict of interest.

Method of Selecting Best Paper: The staff shall categorize all eligible papers and assign them to the responsible division awards committees. Each division awards committee shall rate papers assigned to it. The titles of the papers are ranked and submitted by the division award committee chair to AWWA staff before January 15. The top rated paper from each division is forwarded to the Publications Award Committee for selection of the Publications Award.

The Division Best Paper awards will be presented for each division’s top-rated paper at the Awards Session at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition.