Academic Achievement Award

The Academic Achievement Award encourages academic excellence by recognizing contributions to the field of public water supply. All masters thesis and doctoral dissertations that are relevant to the water supply industry are eligible. The manuscript must reflect the work of a single author and be submitted during the competition year in which it was submitted for the degree.

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The deadline to apply is October 1 annually.

Doctoral Dissertation— First Place is $3,000 one-time award;Second Place is $1,500 one-time award
Masters Thesis— First Place is $3,000 one-time award; Second Place is $1,500 one-time award

First year awarded – 1966
Through 1979 – first, second and sometimes third place awards were given
Beginning in 1980 – first and second place for Masters theses and doctoral dissertation were given

2017 Award Winners

First Place PhD: Siew-Leng Loo, Nanyang Technological University
Second Place PhD: Fei Chen, Univerisity of Waterloo, Ontario Section

First Place Master's: Gemma Charlebois, University of Waterloo, Ontario Sectiio
Second Place Master's: Andrew WT Wong, University of Waterloo, Ontario Section