Fly In 2014

We watch Washington so you don't have to!

Many critical decisions affecting US water utilities, their customers and other AWWA members are made in Washington, DC.  From laws to regulations, from cabinet appointments to advisory committee decisions, from special interest actions to public health policy decisions, all of it happens in the nation's capitol, and much of it affects AWWA members. AWWA's Government Affairs staff are just minutes away from the offices of lawmakers and rulewriters, working on behalf of the water community.

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Meet the Government Affairs Staff.

Our mission

As set by the AWWA Water Utility Council, the mission of the AWWA Government Affairs Office is straightforward:

  • We advocate for sensible laws, regulations, programs and policies that ensure safe and affordable water for all Americans.
  • We support sensible and effective measures that protect America's irreplaceable sources of drinking water.
  • We help water utilities function as high-performing and sustainable business enterprises (whether municipal or investor owned) so they can provide excellent service to their customers, today and over the long run.

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Our accomplishments

Over the years, our members working together have accomplished much:

  • Conduct the annual Water Matters! Fly-In that brings AWWA members from across the country to Washington to bring the water community's concerns directly to members of Congress and their staffs. 
  • We led the water community in encouraging Congress to approve the Water Infrastructure Financing and Innovation Act in 2014.
  • We led the water community in the widely acclaimed 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act, which moved away from quotas for standards to focus attention on the most important health threats. 
  • We led the water community in the Federal Advisory Committee process that negotiated changes to important rules, including the Disinfection By-products Rule, the Long Term 2 Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule and the Total Coliform Rule.
  • We led the successful fight against petrochemical company efforts to prevent utilities from suing to get contribution for cleanups from the contaminant MTBE.
  • And today we provide ongoing thought leadership on critical problems facing water utilities, such as infrastructure finance.

The Voice of Water in Washington, D.C.

To carry out our mission in Washington, we establish and maintain effective working relationships with federal agencies, industry associations, key non-government organizations and other important stakeholders. We work hard to ensure that our members know what is happening in Washington that affects them and affects their ability to serve safe and affordable water to their customers.  And we work equally hard to ensure that federal decision-makers hear the "voice of water" as they approach critical decisions.

Working hard. Working together. Working for you. We watch Washington!