Streaming Questions

I've purchased a subscription – how do I log in?

Once you have purchased a subscription, visit and click on the blue LOGIN button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Utilize your AWWA login credentials (the same username and password you use on the website) to login.

What are the technical requirements to utilize the streaming service?

Streaming is compatible with most browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and many devices including most tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. If you have any technical or playback issues, please contact AWWA Customer Service at (800) 926-7337.

How long do I have access to the streaming service?

You have access to your subscription for one year and you will be able to renew your subscription 90 days before it expires. Throughout the year, you will enjoy new videos added periodically.

I have a question about my streaming service – who do I contact?

Please contact AWWA Customer Service at (800) 926-7337 with any questions or problems that you have.

Can I still purchase AWWA DVDs?

Yes! All AWWA DVDs are still available for purchase on our website. Please note that DVDs are a separate product and their purchase does not include access to streaming and vice versa.

How will my subscription be renewed?

90 days before the end of your subscription you will receive an email offering you the ability to renew your subscription. 

If you have opted into autorenewal, you will receive a notification of your renewal via email 90 days before the end of your subscription. You will receive an invoice and the credit card you originally purchased your subscription with will be charged. If there is no credit card on file your subscription will be placed on hold and we will reach out to you for renewal payment. Once a payment is made, your subscription will renew.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations must occur within 24 hours of your subscription purchase. After that time, cancellations are no longer available. Please contact AWWA Customer Service at (800) 926-7337 if you have further questions on canceling your subscription. 

You may cancel an autorenewal at any time. Please contact AWWA Customer Service at (800) 926-7337 to do so.

Can I purchase a subscription for my entire utility?

No, currently utilities can only obtain access through a single subscription. However, utilities are permitted to show video content in training sessions and share their login username and password when necessary.

How do I share videos?

You may share your login information to a group of people within your organization. You cannot download videos from the platform or give your login information to anyone outside your direct organization.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will only be given if requested within 24 hours of purchase. Please contact AWWA Customer Service at (800) 926-7337 to request a refund.

I have a subscription, but videos will not play.

This is most likely a firewall issue. Please ensure that the domain * is whitelisted. Next, clear your browser cache, go back to, and sign-in.