Donor Spotlight: Colin Chung

Colin Chung, Founder and President of Kayuga Solution, became a first-time donor of AWWA’s Water Equation at the 2017 Council Summit. He has actively served on the International Council and led the development of the Asset Management committee for the CA-NV section.

“The more involved you get, the more there is for you to do. In water, there is a continuous need for improvement to overcome ever-growing challenges.”

Colin adds that each year he feels more a part of the AWWA family, and one of the things that has been on his mind is the importance of getting the younger generation involved in the industry. This is the reason for his donation to the Water Equation’s Student and Young Professional fund.

“WE (Water Equation) provides scholarship opportunities. If we don’t invest in the future to try to get young folks in our industry, we’re going to be in trouble. We need to get YP’s involved through international issues/events. Water is a common global issue. It is an economic issue, a technical issue, and a people issue. We are all in these issues together.”

Colin started his career as a structural engineer, but got tired of detailed analytical work. He wanted to be involved in big picture issues. This led him to pursue the field of Infrastructure Asset Management, which provided a more holistic view. He is happy that his background brought him to management issues in water and sees the solution to our future problem as a balance of economics, having the right resources, and changing the culture to promote efficiency.

What is his advice to the young professionals he meets? “Follow your heart—not the money. We became who we are because we were true to this and believe it.“
Michelle Hektor & Martha Segal contributed to this spotlight