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ACE Online brings conference session highlights to those that were unable to attend ACE18 in Las Vegas, Nevada, or who may have missed a session on-site.  ACE Online offers the opportunity to earn continuing education units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDHs).  ACE Online includes more than 30 hours of professional session content.

ACE Online Sessions

Opening General Session - Catalysts of Creativity Featured Speaker: Ira Flatow
Tuesday Keynote - QMRA in Drinking Water: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward
What Utilities Need to Know About EPA Priorities-An Interview With Peter Grevatt
Water Utilities Issues Forum - Addressing the Challenge of Affordability

TUE01   | Building a Sustainable Workforce
TUE08   | Asset Management Planning
WED11  | Voice of the Customer: Listening to Medium Utilities
WED16  | A Regulatory Look at DPR and Pathogen Credits
WED33  | Considerations for Sound Rate Setting
WED47  | Finding Sources of Lead and Providing Effective Corrosion Control
THU03   | Corrosion Control and Nitrification Prevention in Small Distribution Systems
THU05   | Wall Street Demystified
THU27   | Asset Bundling Alternative Financing and Cold Hard Cash
THU30   | Preparing for the Future - Rehabilitation, Renovation and Expansion of our Aging Water
                      Treatment Facilities


ACE Online is complimentary for 1 year to all AWWA members and ACE18 full-conference attendees, students and professors.*

The nonmember fee is $195. If you are AWWA member who wishes to earn Continuing Education Units, the fee is $50.

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*If you registered as a full-conference attendee at ACE18, regardless of status, you will receive ACE Online complimentary and earn Continuing Education Units.

To access ACE Online Complimentary:

1. Log in to your AWWA Account
2. Select My Account at the top of the page
3. Click on My Courses link on the left-hand side
4. Enter your Member or ACE18 Attendee one-year complimentary ACE Online Code* received via email and select Access ACE Online and then select Go.

*ACE Online Code information was sent to members and ACE18 full-conference attendees via email.  If you do not have your code, please contact AWWA Education Services at


Need additional continuing education units (CEUs) and professional development hours (PDHs) view more ACE Online sessions.  More than 60 hours of professional session content at a low price per year.

Member fee $50 per year.
Nonmember fee $195 per year.

ACE17 Online Sessions

Opening General Session - Legends of the Water Sector
Monday Keynote - Advances in Seawater Desalination: Sustainable Approaches for Exploiting an Infinite Water Resource
Water Utilities Issues Forum - Life on the Inside of the Flint, MI Water Utility

MON06 | Meeting Infrastructure Challenges While Combating Economic Disparities
MON20 | Advanced Leak Detection
TUE12   | Green Infrastructure as an Alternative to Traditional Grey Infrastructure
TUE24   | What We Learned from Initiating Our Active Lead Service Line Replacement Program
TUE32   | Water Policy Changes Re-Shaping Water Utility Business Model
TUE42   | Developing Potable Reuse Projects to Meet Varied Requirements
WED03 | It's About Rates: Reclaimed, Conservation and "Special" Funding
WED13 | Communicating and Evaluating Health Risks Associated with Inorganic Contaminants
WED25 | Design-Build for the Future
WED28 | Utilities Working "Smarter" with Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI)

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ACE16 Online Sessions

Opening General Session - Featuring Jim Cantore
Tuesday Keynote: An Exploration of What Happened in Flint, Michigan

MON03 | Harnessing Innovation and New Technologies: Inside the Minds of Industry Leaders
MON04 | Water Policy: How the Big Picture Impacts Individual Utilities
TUE05   | Identifying Service Levels to Drive an Effective Asset Management Program
TUE16   | Disinfectant Residual Management: Perspectives and Particulars
TUE28   | Managing the Risk of Asset Failure
TUE49   | Being the Utility of the Future: Multigenerational Customer and Innovative Technologies
WED03 | Trends in Advancing Asset Management Through Government Funding Programs
WED22 | Exploring the Relationship Between Metering, Water Loss, and Water Audits
WED37 | Innovative Strategies for Management and Treatment of Harmful Algal Blooms
WED43 | Distribution System Modeling for Water Quality Monitoring and Performance



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