ACE is where the most current industry topics, issues, and trends will be discussed. The professional program at ACE21 will feature subject matter experts covering a range of key topics to address your challenges as outlined in the various program tracks described below.

Program details and session information will be available by January 30, 2021.

Planned session topics include:

  • Advanced Water Treatment & Technologies
  • Design, Construction and Delivery
  • Emerging Topics, New Technologies
  • Asset Management, Renewal and Replacement
  • Distribution, Plant Operations, and Maintenance
  • Research
  • Conservation, Water Use Efficiency, and Water Loss
  • Finances, Affordability, and Rate Setting
  • Regulatory & Legislative
  • Source Water Protection

  • Small Systems Issues
  • Smart Water, IT, Data Science, I & C, Automation
  • Water Quality and Treatment
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Outreach
  • Water Resources and Planning, Climate Impacts
  • Water Reuse Issues
  • Utility Planning and Management
  • Utility Risk and Resilience, and Cybersecurity
  • Young Professionals

Conference Proceedings

Following the conference, ACE21 Proceedings will be available here for six months. The proceedings will contain 90% of the speaker presentations offered in the technical sessions.

Hear What People are Saying About ACE

"ACE is the pulse of what’s going on in water infrastructure."

— Utility Manager, ACE19 Attendee