Professional Program

ACE is where the most current industry topics, issues, and trends will be discussed. The professional program at ACE20 will feature subject matter experts covering a range of key topics to address your challenges as outlined in the various program tracks described below.

Advances in Water Treatment

Take a fresh look at the latest in water treatment challenges and solutions. Experts will discuss the best practices and lessons in biological treatment, coagulation, clarification and filtration, treatment system performance optimization, and much more. Case studies are included to provide examples of successful solutions in action.

Asset Management

Water infrastructure represents major capital investments for a community, and maintaining the value of that investment is important. Adopting an asset management approach offers utilities a way to make better decisions about budgets and these investments while maintaining levels of service. Attendees will explore the value of asset management programs taking a deeper look at risk, O&M, and asset management planning tools and strategies.

Distribution and Plant Operations

Distribution system and plant infrastructure is deteriorating to dangerous levels. Efficient design, management & operation of your operational assets is vital to a utility's performance. Come hear about the latest innovations, approaches, and technologies for operating, maintaining, and managing plant and distribution systems. Topics explored include corrosion control, maintenance activities, and how AWWA standards can provide essential information.

Emerging Contaminants—A Focus on PFAS

Growing concern about the presence of highly fluorinated chemicals (PFAS) in drinking water has brought increased recognition of broader emerging contaminants issues. Understanding the science, including the formation and transformation in the environment, is an important step toward remediation and prevention. Join experts as they discuss the issues surrounding PFAS.

Infrastructure Design and Project Delivery

Water systems are a vital, yet costly, component of every community, and every penny spent is scrutinized by policy makers and rate payers. Come learn from the experts in project delivery and management as they discuss the business side of running a successful utility. Unique ideas to overcoming common challenges, case studies, and lessons learned are provided.

Intelligent Water

The water sector continues to promote and embrace innovation, and smart water networks have emerged as a popular way to use technology to optimize system operations. Smart water networks have a range of applications, from detecting system leaks to managing energy. This track explores the backbone of data collection, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control systems including the networks they depend on, how to handle the vast amounts of data collected, and leveraging that data for better operation, maintenance, and utility management.

Potable Reuse

To meet growing and stressed water supply demands, water utilities are increasingly looking to diversify their portfolio. Potable reuse is becoming a realistic option for more and more water utilities. Evaluate the challenges and identify proven strategies to implement potable reuse as a new source of supply.

Poster Session

Take advantage of this great opportunity to interact directly with presenters. Poster presentations will be held in a dedicated session room and sorted by topic. The poster authors will be present for the full duration of each poster session to provide attendees with the opportunity for in-depth discussion about their topic.

Small Systems Operation and Management

Water systems serving a small number of customers make up the vast majority of water systems in North America. This track is tailored to the small system manager to help ensure that water quality and service in smaller communities remain on par with larger systems. These sessions address funding sources, treatment, storage, distribution, operations, and management needs.

Utility Risk and Resilience

The frequency of billion-dollar extreme weather events—from hurricanes, flooding, and rising sea levels to droughts, heat waves, and wildfires—has increased dramatically in recent years. Resiliency efforts of water and wastewater utilities not only save lives and taxpayer dollars but also play a key role in preparing cities for the challenges they face from these events. Join experts as they discuss provisions in the newly promulgated America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 legislation for assessing risk and becoming more resilient from not only Mother Nature, but also cyber hazards.

Water Policy & Regulatory Actions

With constantly evolving regulation, compliance, and policy issues, there's always something new to address on the regulatory front. Uncover the latest developments on current issues and capture valuable tips for managing federal, state, provincial, and local issues that affect utility operations, management, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Water Quality Challenges

Come discover the latest cutting-edge information related to contaminants in drinking water. These sessions focus on the latest results and approaches to meeting drinking water issues and provide case studies and lessons learned. Topics include the latest advances in treatment methods for PFOA and PFOS, algae, manganese and inorganics, non-point source pollutants, microbials and emerging contaminants, DBPs, and premise plumbing. Sessions also explore the relationship between drinking water, wastewater, reuse, and stormwater from a water quality analysis and treatment perspective.

Water Resources Planning, Protection, and Management

Protecting and managing water resource portfolios requires an integrated approach that includes existing water resources, water conservation programs, potable reuse projects, watershed protection, groundwater management, and resiliency considerations. Join experts to discuss best practices for protecting your current water resources, modeling and forecasting, and ways to evaluate impaired water sources, all with the goal of developing a robust water supply portfolio.

Water Use Efficiency Practices

Water use efficiency practices are valuable tools for water resource managers. Managing demand in the face of increasing population and diminishing source water resources will require innovative solutions. Join industry experts as they explore water loss control and research initiatives, strategies to promote and achieve demand-side management, outdoor water efficiency and shed light on how the right technology to manage customer information can provide meaningful water efficiency benefits.

Water Utility Management and Leadership

Effective leadership is critical to overcoming utility and workforce management obstacles. This track explores a range of issues facing water utility general managers and presents innovative solutions for performance management. Discover the latest techniques and tools utilities are using to recruit/retain high quality employees, improve diversity, and protect their organizational knowledge continuum.

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