ACE is where the most current industry topics, issues, and trends will be discussed. The professional program at ACE21 will feature subject matter experts covering a range of key topics to address your challenges as outlined in the various program tracks described below.


Planned session topics include:

  • Advanced Water Treatment & Technologies
  • Design, Construction and Delivery
  • Emerging Topics, New Technologies
  • Asset Management, Renewal and Replacement
  • Distribution, Plant Operations, and Maintenance
  • Research
  • Conservation, Water Use Efficiency, and Water Loss
  • Finances, Affordability, and Rate Setting
  • Regulatory & Legislative
  • Source Water Protection

  • Small Systems Issues
  • Smart Water, IT, Data Science, I & C, Automation
  • Water Quality and Treatment
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Consumer Outreach
  • Water Resources and Planning, Climate Impacts
  • Water Reuse Issues
  • Utility Planning and Management
  • Utility Risk and Resilience, and Cybersecurity
  • Young Professionals

Conference Proceedings

Following the conference, ACE21 Proceedings will be available here for six months. The proceedings will contain 90% of the speaker presentations offered in the technical sessions.

Hear What People are Saying About ACE

"ACE is the pulse of what’s going on in water infrastructure."

— Utility Manager, ACE19 Attendee