AWWA provides Certificates of Completion

ACE22: AWWA will apply for pre-approval from most US States' Operator Licensing agencies.
ACE21 All Virtual: Acceptance of virtual programming is different in every state, and for every license.

For operator CEUs at ACE21 All Virtual: many states require live day-of virtual attendance along with specific tracking elements. Operators should become familiar with your state agency requirements for your participation in an online conference event. For ACE21 All-Virtual, AWWA applied to state operator agencies for five (5) hours (0.5 CEUs) of content. These five sessions will feature the following elements to monitor participation, attendance and engagement: 

  • be presented live (online, but live in real-time, not pre-recorded)
  • include quiz-style poll questions every 15-minues
  • include a survey at the end of the session
  • include opportunity for live Q&A with the speaker
  • include special instructions from the moderator: the moderator will advise the audience that all licensed operators should take the polls and the survey for their best chance at being awarded CEUs from their state agency. 
  • the five (5) sessions included were: VS1_10, VS2_17, VS3_20, VS3_24, VS4_16

Operator CE's for those five (5) sessions were pre-approved in the following states: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (2 credit hours max), Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wyoming

Operator CE's are denied in the following states: Connecticut, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio

All other states are either pending or do not offer a training provider approval process.

For non-operator Certificates of Completion: All attendees may access Certificates of Completion, self-service through your AWWA online account profile, however, this may not imply that your agency has approved the credits. You will only receive a completion certificate for sessions viewed live and in their entirety. For most engineers, this Certificate of Completion will suffice for your PE license, but you must be aware of your unique circumstance. 

To access your self-service certificate 45 days after the event, please: 

  1. Visit 
  2. Enter your Username and Password (or reset if forgotten)
  3. Click on your name or My Profile from the top right of the screen 
  4. Select ‘My Transcripts’ from the left-hand menu 
  5. Select ‘Download Certificate’ 
  • Please allow us 45 days for processing. If you do not have an AWWA account, please create an account and email your name and account number/email address to Membership is not required, simply an account.

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