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Learn about AWWA’s Water 2050 initiative which seeks to establish a long-term vision of the future of water.

Dear 2050: Hopes And Ideas About the Water Sector

The future of the water sector, and the future of global water, are in the capable hands of current and future water professionals.

At the 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), a diverse group of 10 current water leaders wrote letters to the world of 2050. These were included in a time capsule from 2023.

2023 State of the Water Industry Report

Water sector optimism is on the rise. In the face of climate change-related challenges, aging infrastructure, threats to water supply, and other obstacles, the water community is feeling more optimistic year-over-year about the sector’s ability to overcome major issues and support and improve water systems and service.

Discover how this year's report offers a fresh perspective on the water industry's most pressing challenges. With its comprehensive analysis of current trends and future projections, the State of the Water Industry report is an essential tool for water community professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

AWWA’s Water 2050 Time Capsule Yearbook

To celebrate the completion of the five Water 2050, think tanks and in preparation for implementing the recommendations, AWWA assembled a time capsule for water professionals to open in 2050.

Iowa Section
Arizona Section
Virginia Section


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