Each year winners of AWWA Section taste tests compete for the titles of People’s Choice and Best of the Best during AWWA’s Annual Conference & Exposition.

Read the rules below to determine eligibility. To enter, contact Amber Wilson.

Taste Test Rules


  • The People's Choice and Best of the Best Taste Tests are open to the most recent winners of AWWA Section taste tests (the previous year's winner if they hold their test after ACE; the current year's winner if they hold their test before ACE).
    • Considering ACE20's cancellation and understanding that some Sections held Fall 2019/Spring 2020 competitions and may have determined Taste Test winners at those, AWWA is leaving it up to each Section to determine which winner will compete at ACE21.
  • The Taste Tests are open to AWWA utility members from within the United States and Canada. Entrants must not have incurred any U.S. or Canadian state, provincial, territorial or federal drinking water violations (MCL, MAC, monitoring, recordkeeping, etc.) during the previous calendar year.
  • The local utility for the ACE host city and the previous year's Best of the Best winner will be invited to participate in the taste test as well.


  • Personal attendance is required for the competition. If there will not be a representative from a competing water system attending ACE, the director of the system may appoint an alternative representative from the Section to submit their sample and attend the contest on their behalf.
  • Six samples should be sent, each in a one-liter container. Glass containers are preferable, but utilities can use the container of their choosing. Each sample should be clearly identified with the name of the water system and Section it represents.
  • Samples must be shipped to the location specified by the date specified. If utilities have issues shipping their samples, they should contact Amber Wilson.

Contest Judging

  • Judging for the People's Choice will be open to all ACE attendees.
  • Judging for the Best of the Best will be a mix of local figures and flavor-profile analyzers.
  • Samples will be judged on a 10-point scale from Good (1) to Best (10).
  • Scores will be tabulated and the winners for both contests will be announced immediately following the Best of the Best.
  • Only the winning three samples will be announced. Samples will not be ranked nor will scores be released.