See you in Toronto for ACE 2023!

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Competitions FAQ

How will the number of Teams competing at ACE23 be determined? 

A: The number of Teams permitted per Section for each Competition are outlined in the competitions rules. Each Section is responsible for determining which Team(s) will compete at ACE23. 

What materials will be used in the ACE23 competitions? 

A: The materials for ACE23 will remain the same as ACE22 and will be as follows: 

Meter Challenge: Zenner Multijet 

Hydrant Hysteria: Clow Medallion

Pipe Tapping: Please refer to the "Equipment and Materials Section" #46-61 of Pipe Tapping Rules and Regulations.

Who should I contact if I have more questions? 

A: Please contact


ACE23 Competition Meter Woman

ACE23 Competition Pipe Tapping Woman

ACE23 Competition Meter Med