Competitions will return for ACE 2022! A few additional words to AWWA competitors, donors and volunteers are included below. 

  • Competitors, we recognize the tremendous effort you put into preparation for the competitions. You are a source of pride for all of us at AWWA. We encourage each of you to submit videos and photos of yourself and/or team competing and to show off your team, utility, and swag! We hope that you can participate virtually with us and tag @awwa and use #awwacompetitions when posting to social media. 
  • Sections, we encourage you to help keep the momentum going by sharing your past and present competitions successes and posting photos and videos to social media. Please reach out to your Section Relationship Manager to further discuss ideas. 
  • Volunteers, we understand the amount of work and effort each of you contribute in helping make these competitions successful. We hope that you continue to stay engaged with staff as we navigate the coming months and look forward to when we can host competitions again, in-person, at ACE. We also invite you to write articles, for the AWWA Connections Newsletter or for Opflow, to keep the spirit going. 
  • Donors, thank you for all you do to make AWWA competitions a success. Please be on the look-out for calls to discuss next steps regarding the future in-kind donor rotation.
  • Sponsors, we appreciate the support you provide, which is essential to the success of AWWA Competitions. We look forward to seeing you in person at a time at which it is safe to do so. 


If you have additional questions about competitions, please review the below FAQs or reach out to  

Competitions FAQ

How will the number of Teams competing at ACE22 be determined? 

A: The number of Teams permitted per Section for each Competition are outlined in the competitions rules. The Section is responsible for determining which Team(s) will compete at ACE22. 

What materials will be used in the ACE22 competitions? 

A: The materials for ACE22 will remain the same as ACE20 and will be as follows: 

Meter Madness: Mueller water meter 5/8” x 3/4”. All practice meters have been distributed. 

Hydrant Hysteria: Kennedy K81 Hydrant 

Pipe: American Ductile Iron Pipe and Romac End caps 

Are there Competition Rule changes for 2022? 

A: There are no rule changes. 

Our team is a returning champion. Will we still be able to seek reimbursement in 2022? 

A: Returning Champions will be reimbursed for expenses related to ACE22 competitions per AWWA volunteer reimbursement guidelines. More information will be sent out as we get closer to 2022. 

I was one of the Local Host volunteers for ACE competitions, what happens now? 

A: Thank you for volunteering!. You can learn more about volunteering with your local Section here. 

What will happen with World Water Cup Competition? 

A: The 2021 World Water Cup competition was cancelled. More information to come for 2022.

How can I show off my team spirit? My team and I have practiced and were looking forward to ACE? 

A: Post pictures using the #AWWAcompetitions and tag @awwa, and to keep the momentum going. We look forward to seeing all of you compete in 2022! 

Who should I contact if I have more questions? 

A: Please contact