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To celebrate the completion of the five Water 2050, think tanks and in preparation for implementing the recommendations, AWWA assembled a time capsule for water professionals to open in 2050.

The hope is to highlight the foundation we, and our members as an association, laid for the future of the water sector. AWWA is more than just our headquarters in Denver and our D.C. office; we are our 43 Sections, AWWA India, and our over 50,000 members. Our Sections and members are as much responsible for making our shared vision of 2050 a reality.

The pages were displayed at the AWWA pavilion at ACE23 before being sealed in a time capsule to be opened by AWWA in 2050. They are a snapshot of the Association, our volunteer councils and committees, and Sections as we are in 2023 and what we all hope for in 2050. Each of AWWA’s 43 Sections has its unique geography, membership base, water concerns, and hopes for the year 2050. Similarly, the AWWA councils and committees represented here have areas of expertise with their hopes for the future.

No Water No. . .

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No Water No Beef
No Water No Bourbon
No Water No Buckeyes
No Water No Cactus
No Water No Canoeing
No Water No Cheese
No Water No Crabs
No Water No Football
No Water No Fountains
No Water No Great Lakes
No Water No Guac
No Water No Jello
No Water No Lobster
No Water No Lutefisk
No Water No Oranges
No Water No Orchards
No Water No Oysters
No Water No Peaches
No Water No Pizza
No Water No Popcorn
No Water No Pumpkins
No Water No Salmon
No Water No Shore
No Water No Skiing
No Water No Sweet Corn
No Water No Sweet Tea
No Water No Timber
No Water No Walleye
No Water No Wildlife