AWWA Provides Certificates of Completion

Follow the 5 steps below to download your ACE23 Certificates.

ACE24 will also offer Certificates of Completion.

For in-person attendees: For ACE23 in-person, attendees were asked to download the AWWA Events Mobile App to sign-in & out of each session. After July 30, 2023 ACE23 attendees may access their certificates of completion following the five steps further below. Attendees must check with your specific agency to determine if they will accept AWWA Certificates of Completion.

ACE23 in-person was pre-approved by licensed water operator agencies in the following states & provinces: Alaska, Alberta, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois (ILEPA# 18507), Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Ontario (OWWCO Course ID# 16629), Tennessee, Vermont.  Contact with questions.

For ACE Virtual Attendees:  Certificates are not provided for watching a recording. For those that attended livestreamed events June 11-14: access your certificates via the five steps below. Note that the ACE Virtual program was not developed for Operator CEUs (i.e. attentiveness monitoring & quizzes did not occur in Virtual). Virtual programming approval varies greatly per state, and license. Again, Certificates are not provided for watching a recording. AWWA did not apply to state agencies for Virtual approval.


All Attendees: Please read below for information on accessing your Certificates of Completion, and important disclaimer.


5 Steps to access your self-service Certificate(s) of Completion: 

1. Wait 60 days after the event, then visit
2. Click 'My Account' in upper right corner to login (reset pw if forgotten)
3. In your account, select 'My Transcripts' from left-hand menu
4. Click 'AWWA Certificates of Completion & Activity Transcripts'
5. Click 'Download' next to each available certificate

If you are having problems with login, please call 800.926.7337 or email for login assistance. Please read the disclaimer at and kindly allow 60 days for processing. 


All approvals are at the discretion of your licensing agency, and every state/province is different. Please note that a Certificate of Completion does not guarantee that your agency will award you credit. It is the individual's responsibility, before registering for any education program, to contact his/her licensing agency: 1. To confirm that the education program is acceptable for continuing education credit towards your particular license; and 2. To confirm what you need to submit for credit approval. You must contact your specific licensing agency for details. 

AWWA recommends that you: 

Contact the agency 30 days prior to attending training 
Ask your agency about its relevancy criteria
Ask your agency if the training format is approved (in-person vs online or other)
Find out what credit the agency approves
Find out what you need to do in order to receive credit
Find out whether you must submit an application prior to attending or submit handouts, etc., after training

Learn more about continuing education at
Email us at

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