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The Abel Wolman Fellowship supports promising doctoral students in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This $30,000 award provides up to two years of funding for advanced training and research in the field of water supply and treatment.

Abel Wolman and Linn Enslow created a method for controlled chlorination that provided safe drinking water through the world. As Editor of the AWWA Journal and then President of the American Water Works Association, he was a major contributor in the science and engineering of sanitation and water resources. He made a major impact in public health through the provision of water and wastewater treatment.

Professor Wolman’s advances in research are now the basis for the advanced training of today’s doctoral students. Recognize his good works with a contribution to this fund.

$100 will recognize 100 years of water chlorination



The Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarships (LARS) provides a $7,000 award to a doctoral student and a $5000 award to a masters student annually who are interested in careers in the fields of corrosion control, treatment and distribution of domestic and industrial water supplies, aquatic chemistry, and/or environmental chemistry.

Dr. Larson studied at the University of Illinois and made major contributions to the water industry through his published research findings and his contributions to the field of water technology. He was elected as Board President of AWWA in 1970 and was instrumental in establishing the Water Research Foundation.

This endowed scholarship was established anonymously in 1989 by a colleague of Dr. Thurston E. Larson. Since then it has relied on funding through the generosity of AWWA donors. Help us to continue his legacy of research and technology by contributing to the LARS scholarship.

$80 will recognize Dr. Larson's Legacy since 1937. $136 to recognize the 136th Anniversary of AWWA.



Jay Werber, Abel Wolman Fellowship recipient
Yale University

As the 2017 award recipient, Jay has used support from the Wolman Fellowship to attend and speak at two conferences this year. He presented twice at the American Chemical Society conference in Washington D.C. on desalination membranes in the Division of Environmental Chemistry, and at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers conference in Minneapolis. 

Jay attended the conferences to take advantage of opportunities to learn and to meet people. His networking paid off at the at the AICE conference, where he connected with a professor who will be his post-doctoral research advisor in Fall 2018. In addition, the stipend has helped to financially support his wife and 7-month-old child.


Alexander Gorzalski, Larson Aquatic Support (LARS) Scholarship recipient
University of North Carolina

The Larson Aquatic Research Support (LARS) Scholarship made it possible for Alex to explore new research interests that he had previously lacked the financial resources to pursue. 

Alex used the LARS Scholarship to purchase materials and build an experimental apparatus for testing novel applications of advanced oxidation processes. A portion of the funds were also used for analytical services to measure compounds that could not be readily analyzed in the laboratory. 

He says the support he received from AWWA broadened his knowledge of water treatment processes and will hopefully yield new knowledge of value to the drinking water community.


Lucas Djehdian, Larson Aquatic Support (LARS) Scholarship recipient
University of Illinois

As the 2017 Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarships (LARS) recipient, Lucas has used his award to support his travels to the 2017 ACE Annual Conference & Exposition, where he was able to network with industry experts, furthering his knowledge and connections within the field of water engineering. 

The scholarship also significantly offset Lucas’ cost of living during his graduate studies, allowing him to focus on his research instead of pursuing a second source of income. 

Ultimately, the award has opened countless doors to Lucas’ future, and aided him in becoming a more dedicated and better connected civil engineering student.

One AWWA Operator Scholarship

American Water Works Association and the 43 sections across North America have come together to create the One AWWA Operator Scholarship to support continuing education within the water industry.

AWWA’s Water Equation matches funds raised at the section level to provide books, tuition, training, education and certification to operators at water and wastewater treatment plants.

Celebrate the Water and Wastewater Operators by wearing this t-shirt at all of your local section events! T-shirts are $15 each and funds raised support the One AWWA Operator Scholarship.

Contact your AWWA local section to apply for a scholarship! 

Donate to One AWWA Operator Scholarship

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Young Professional and Student Programs


Young Professional and Student programs

Provides support for young and new professionals who want to add to their skills set through conferences and courses. In 2018 Water Equation is raising funds for leadership training and the DC Fly-in. 

DONATE to Young Professional programming.



Community Engineering Corps

AWWA Deputy CEO Paula I. MacIlwaine (L) with 
Lynn Williams Stephens (R) from Brown
and Caldwell at ACE18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Lynn helped launch the CECorps effort in 2015 in the Pacific Northwest Section. 

Thank you, Lynn, for all of your hard work and congratulations!


Community Engineering Corps is an alliance between AWWA, American Society of Civil Engineers and Engineers Without Borders-USA. 

The alliance combines the strengths of three organizations to provide technical expertise to underserved communities in the United States and ensure that their infrastructure meets their community's needs.

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