Community Engineers Corps Projects

Funding Volunteer Training for Community Engineering Corps

Water Equation raises funding to support AWWA volunteer project teams across the country. These teams assist with engineering services for communities that would not otherwise have the opportunity to address water and wastewater system issues. We have found that many times these are communities of migrant workers, elderly, or those living under the national poverty level.

This partnership of AWWA, Engineers without Borders-USA, and American Society of Civil Engineers continues to recruit volunteers to help communities in need of projects like those mentioned below.

Community Engineering Corps celebrates five years of serving communities in the USA

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In Texas


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reached out to the Texas AWWA to nominate a Community Engineering Corps project. The volunteers assessed the water system and then assisted the utility to assemble an application for funding. Once the $250,000 Safe Drinking Water Act State Revolving Funds were approved for West Oaks Phoenix, the competitive processes began for the most qualified professional engineering services firm to design the project and to assist West Oaks Phoenix with competitively bidding the project as well as provide services during construction and start-up. 

West Oaks Phoenix (aka, Lil Countryside Water Supply Corporation) chose to retain the services of Triple Z Engineering of Lipan, Texas.

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In Washington


AWWA members volunteer their time and expertise to assist communities that do not have the resources to access engineering services for vital infrastructure projects. The Pacific Northwest Section of AWWA worked with a Southwest Washington Elementary School to improve the water system one of its elementary schools.

The school’s drinking water showed issues with lead and copper, so the district hired a firm to study the situation and propose solutions. Their recommendations required significant cost and technical expertise. As a very small school with limited technical and financial resources, this was a huge issue. While the school and district leadership were extremely concerned with the problem and cared deeply for students and faculty, water operations were not their core competency. The Community Engineering Corps assisted in the application for state funding, which netted $200,000 to replace the plumbing in the school and remedy the problem.

In Montana


Montana AWWA Section volunteers are spearheading this Community Engineering project for the town of Stevensville, knowing that putting together a system wide map will help the residents in many ways. Using GIS tools to create a data base will allow them to use the Buried No Longer Tool to assess a long- term replacement plan, as well as begin to manage an inventory of materials for better maintenance. The team is hopeful this project will help to eliminate the galvanized or lead service lines and help with a new master plan for the town.


Ride With a Purpose


Special thanks to our Stripe Circle Donor, Ride With Purpose, for its annual generosity in supporting domestic water infrastructure in the USA. The riders are seen here at ACE19 in Denver.