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Meters Set Manuals & Standards

Meters Set Manuals & Standards

Publisher: AWWA
AWWA catalog no: METERS
Media Type: Softbound
Save 20% on this set of related AWWA Standards and Manuals.
  • AWWA C700-20 Cold-Water Meters—Displacement Type, Metal Alloy Main Case
  • AWWA C701-19 Cold-Water Meters–Turbine Type, for Customer Service
  • AWWA C702-19 Cold Water Meters—Compound Type
  • AWWA C703-19 Cold-Water Meters—Fire-Service Type
  • AWWA C704-19 Propeller-Type Meters for Waterworks Applications
  • AWWA C707-10(R16) Encoder-Type Remote-Registration Systems for Cold-Water Meters
  • AWWA C708-19 Cold-Water Meters—Multijet Type
  • AWWA C710-20 Cold-Water Meters—Displacement Type, Plastic Main Case
  • AWWA C712-19 Cold-Water Meters - Singlejet Type
  • AWWA C713-19 Cold-Water Meters—Fluidic-Oscillator Type
  • AWWA C750-19 Transit-Time Flowmeters in Full Closed Conduits
  • M6 Water Meters - Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance, Fifth Edition
  • M33 Flowmeters in Water Supply, Third Edition
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  • Member Price: $636.00
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Item Details:
We've packaged related AWWA Standards and Manuals of Water Supply Practices into handy, money-saving sets. Buy the set and save 20% off individual prices.

This value-added bundle includes:

  • AWWA Manual M6 Water Meters
  • AWWA Manual M33 Flowmeters in Water Supply
  • C700 Cold-Water Meters,...

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