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AWWA and partner organizations provide free training opportunities for public water systems serving a population under 10,000.

Register today for a FREE 3-hour Revised Total Coliform Rule eLearning course - brought to you by AWWA, the Rural Community Assistance Partnership and USEPA.

Register today for a FREE 2-hour Financial Sustainability for Small Systems eLearning course - brought to you by AWWA, the Environmental Finance Center Network and USEPA.

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SMCLs and Ammonia: What Every Operator Should Know

Utilities are not required to test for ammonia. However, this contaminant can cause many water quality issues if not properly treated (e.g., nitrification, chlorine demand and corrosion). Ammonia often occurs in sources with other Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels (SMCLs), and many systems are under pressure to provide treatment.

In order to provide utilities, and particularly small systems, with an overview of the state of the science for SMCLs and ammonia treatment, the AWWA Inorganics and Inorganic Contaminants Research Committees Project Team created two informative documents through funding from the AWWA Technical & Education Council.

AWWA's Ammonia Fact Sheet (PDF)
AWWA's SMCLs Fact Sheet (PDF)
M54 Developing Rates for Small Systems, Second Edition

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